DarkShores cover Eclair
Eclair on the cover art.
~ DAfavicon MyLittleSheepy
Race Earth pony
Sex Mare
Status Alive

 Éclair is the daughter of Sorbet, both of whom were rescued by Riptide near his home village.



Éclair was sent with her mother to perform a secret mission. They crossed into the Oceania Region where their boat was heavily damaged. Both of them were injured, but survived long enough to be rescued by Riptide.

Present Day

Éclair along with Riptide and Sorbet, set off into the Oceania region, intent on reaching the Summer Sunset Isles. They come upon a derelict ship on their travels, which Riptide and Éclair explore. They are assaulted by pirates/raiders whom they manage to overpower and kill, before they escape the ship and carry on. They arrive in Steam Town where Éclair watches over her mother and Riptide carries out a few jobs to make money, earn equipment, and stock up on supplies.

The group leaves Steam Town once Sorbet has recovered from her earlier injuries.


Sorbet - Éclair loves her mother and cherishes her.

Riptide - Éclair and Riptide get along very well, the duo are on very friendly terms and have fought alongside each other, only adding to their trust in one another.



Éclair is a young, sand coated earth pony with a brown mane and green eyes.


Éclair is shown to be skilled at stealth and lockpicking.

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