The AER-14 Laser Rifle is a unique magical energy weapon, owned and used by Morning Glory.



The AER-14 Laser rifle was still in the prototype stage and was produced in limited quantities before the fallout by Flash Industries.[1] It featured the use of an emerald focusing crystal, resulting in a distinct, green energy beam. One of these exceedingly rare rifles eventually found its way into the hooves of the zodiac clan, specifically Leo Zodiac.

Present Day

The laser rifle originally belonged to Leo Zodiac, who used it to wound an already weakened Blackjack.[2] The rifle was taken by Rampage who used it as a club and chased off Leo. Morning Glory took thereafter the damaged rifle and devoted herself to repairing the weapon to full functionality.[1]

Despite assurances the weapon was non-salvageable, Glory did eventually get the rifle back to full functionality and used it as her primary firearm for much of her journey. The rifle notably fires a green beam of energy, unlike the red beams of other beam rifles.

Following damage while escaping Brass and her Manticores with Blackjack, the rifle's frame was damaged; upon the suggestion of Finder's Keeper's, she transplanted its emerald crystal to the frame of a much more standard and easily replacable laser rifle and modified it for automatic firing.

The weapon was eventually destroyed by the Neighvarro pegasus Sunset at the Grimhoof Military base, while defying the orders of her superior by attempting to abduct Glory.


The AER-14 is a rare weapon, since it never reached mass production. Only twenty of these weapons were ever made.[1] The AER-14 was still in the prototype stage and undergoing field testing, it is more powerful than the standard laser rifles and has more of an impact when fired.


The AER-14 Laser Rifle is based on the AER14 Prototype rifle from Fallout: New vegas.


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