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Yes, I do deliveries!
No hooves, nasty stingers? No service.
Ask me about special orders! I won’t answer, but I’ll get right on it!
Wasteland Survival Guide! Available now! First copy for every family is free!
– Absolutely Everything's Store Sign

Absolutely Everything is a location and vendor in New Appleloosa that is run by Ditzy Doo.


The store was founded in New Appleloosa by Pegasus ghoul Ditzy Doo. The building is created from three separate train cars welded together, serving as both Ditzy's store and her home. The shop functions as a general store, carrying, as the name implies, 'absolutely everything' or at least as close to it as Ditzy can get. Anything that is not carried, the proprietor is more then willing to attempt to find. Business is not limited to the store front alone either, as Ditzy is also willing to make deliveries all over Equestria as needed.

The store also serves as the primary distribution center for Ditzy's The Wasteland Survival Guide with a free copy being given to every first time costumer.

Ditzy ran the store on her own until Littlepip's journey began, after which her adopted daughter Silver Bell assisted her in those duties, as well as Ditzy also acquiring a Griffin bodyguard. Following the activation of the Gardens of Equestria it also became the main provider of Aqua Cura to Equestria's ghouls

Behind the Scenes[]

Absolutely Everything is a reference to Fallout 3's Craterside Supply, the general store in the town of Megaton run by the author of the Wasteland Survival Guide, who Ditzy's character is loosely based on.