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Albino Hellhound
Race Hellhound
Sex Male
Faction/Role Hellhounds living in Everfree

Member of the pack, possibly pack leader

Family His pack in Everfree

The Albino Hellhound is an unnamed Hellhound that Littlepip and her friends encounter, living in Everfree Forest. He is unique amongst his kind, for having an albino coat and red eyes.


The Albino Hellhound, along with a few others ambushed Littlepip and her companions when they were hiding out in Everfree Forest and ambushing the Wonderbolts. The Albino hellhound was wearing an invisibility cloak when Littlepip encountered him.

After a firefight with Littlepip and her friends, the Albino Hellhound lost one of his legs. The Hellhound was carried by Velvet Remedy who kept him under an anasthesia spell to ease the pain. The Albino Hellhound spoke with the group, asking them why they were helping him, he also reveals some of the Hellhounds mentality, revealing that the Hellhounds in Everfree simply wanted to be left alone and are at least willing to leave ponies alone.

The Albino Hellhound, reluctantly surrendered his Invisibilty Cloak for Littlepip and her friends temporary use, in exchange for a weapon owned by Kage Grimfeathers that was made from a Hellhounds claws. Velvet convinced him to take a loan of another weapon, as Reggie was unwilling to loan them to the Hellhound.

Later on the Albino Hellhounds missing leg is replaced with a cybernetic one. He adjusted to it rather well and met with Littlepip after she and Velvet Remedy met with the Alicorns . He asked Littlepip to free the Hellhound Fluffykins who was being held by the Enclave .

The Albino Hellhound also sent Barkin Saw to assist Littlepip in her assault of Neighvarro and the S.P.P.


  • He has a unique Albino coat, seperating him from his kin.
  • He has red eyes like many creatures that suffer Albinism
  • He owned an invisiblity Cloak
  • Has a cybernetic leg to replace the one he lost
  • Despite differences in role and personality, he is a clear reference to Goris of Fallout 2, a rare, intelligent albino deathclaw who is a possible companion and also wears a cloak, although not one of invisibility. His accent appears to resemble that of Sulik, also from Fallout 2.
  • His hobby of slathering glowing plant matter on a dummy and using it to scare ponies away is a reference to the Slags from Fallout 2, who used the same method on themselves to appear like ghosts in order to scare the people of Modoc away from their farm.