Anathema is a unique Balefire Egg Launcher that appears in Fallout: Equestria - Outlaw. It is owned by the Dashite, Solara.


Anathema was created by Noctilucent, an enclave scientist. The weapon was scheduled to be tested by Mach after his trial run with the experimental coilgun. The weapon was never tested by Mach though, due to his desertion and subsequent status as a Dashite. Solara managed to get her hooves on the weapon, before she was exiled and branded a Dashite.


Anathema fires balefire eggs, which create miniature balefire explosions that normally kill the target on impact. Unlike regular balefire egg launchers, Anathema can fire off multiple balefire eggs simultaeneously, making it an extremely devestating heavy weapon. This makes it an excellent crowd control weapon too, allowing Solara to divebomb enemies from above and wipe out large groups of attackers.


  • 'Anathema' means to be set apart, denounced or banished. A weapon named in this fashion is appropriate for Solara who became a Dashite.
  • Anathema is based on the Experimental MIRV, a unique Fat Man Launcher that fires multiple Mini-Nukes.
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