Race Dragon
Sex Female
Family Mach - Adoptive Father

Greaser - Adoptive Mother
Hyperion - Progenitor/Father

Status Alive

Andromeda is a young dragoness and the adoptive child of Mach.



Andromeda was presumably first born or brought into being, when Hyperion was killed by the Railway Cannon. Hyperion's remains coalesced into an egg, that the Buckston Steel Rangers, that Mach was staying with collected. Mach later discovered the egg and claimed it, feeling responsible for the egg's creation as he lured Hyperion in front of the cannon. Mach carried the egg around with him, the egg was always incredibly cold and continued to grow colder. The egg finally hatched, with Mach initially struggling to feed the newborn dragon. He worked out how to make suitable food for her, by grinding up gemstones and mixing it with water. Mach carried the young dragoness around with him until he finally moved to confront Vortex.


Andromeda has grown fairly large in the past fifteen years, Mach and Greaser serving as parents for both Andromeda & her adoptive sister, Morningstar. She is desperate to leave and explore Equestria and meet other dragons, like Spike.(c.Epilogue)



Andromeda is a dragoness with azure blue scales, her eyes are purple.

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