Angel Bunny
Race Rabbit
Faction Ministry of Peace
Role Guardian/Pet
Family Fluttershy
Status Incapacitated, but technically alive
Eyes Very Dark Brown
Coat White
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Doombunny, turned to stone by a cockatrice. A worthy end for a worthy opponent.
Xenith regarding Angel
Chapter 42

Angel Bunny a minor character in Fallout: Equestria.


Angel Bunny was Fluttershy's pet and bodygaurd before the war. Angel was extremely loyal and protective of his master, even until his "death." Despite his cute and disarming appearance, Angel was rumored to be an absolutely ferocious fighter. The zebras, including Xenith, feared Angel's savage fighting style and gave him the name "Doombunny."

Littlepip and the gang encounter Angel's petrified body in the Everfree Forest in Chapter 41, turned to stone by a cockatrice. While technically not dead, it would be impossible for Angel to return to his living form as the cockatrice that froze him likely died long ago.


Angel Bunny is accredited with the discovery and development of Stampede, a powerful combat drug that combines painkillers and Rage, a drug which heightens adrenaline and turns ponies into unstoppable killing machines.

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