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Appleloosa was a frontier settlement before the war, bordering the lands of the Tribal Buffalo.


Before the War

Before the war, Appleloosa was a western town that housed a large apple orchard to feed the growing town. Trouble between the buffalo and ponies arose when the ponies planted their orchard on the Buffaloes stampede ground. The buffalo took to ambushing trains and trying to convince the ponies to leave. A battle broke out between the ponies and buffalo, with apple pies being used as imrpovised weapons by the ponies.

The buffalo agreed to cease hostilities for a share of the apples and a path cut through the orchard which they could then stampede through.

Present Day

Appleloosa, now known as Old Appleloosa is a few hours train ride from the settlement of New Appleloosa. The town has suffered wear and tear from the fallout and natural elements, the wooden buildings becoming dilapidated. The settlement become a hub of Slaver activity, makeshift metal structures are used by the slavers as housing and cages are used to house slaves, before they are sold. Catwalks span the distance between many of the buldings and above the cages. To deter escape or rescue attempts, the cages have been surrounded by explosive mines. Littlepip travelled to Old Appleloosa to rescue slaves and found Velvet Remedy working as a medic. Littlepip wiped out the slavers and their overseer/leader, a green alicorn whom she crushed with a derailed train car.


  • Appleloosa and New Appleloosa trade merchant goods by train
  • Appleloosa collects foal slaves
  • Appleloosa uses a mix of Dash and Buck on the slaves they sell to ensure they survive until delivery
  • During the war, Appleloosa was a smuggling waypoint for Zebra drugs, which the Ministry of Morale was willing to overlook if Appleloosa would slip them a percentage of the product