Applewood is a fictional city in Equestria, based in the midwest. Located west of Detrot and Clockwork. Applewood appears in the side story Fallout: Equestria - Ballad of a Crystal Pony.


The city was a mishmash of vastly different architectures. Which was evidence of the truly diverse melting pot the city once was. There was clearly earth pony brick-by-brick structures next to extravagant buildings that only a unicorn could craft next to perches set in trees for griffons and buildngs made of cloud for pegasi.

Zig zagging through the center of the town was a concrete riverbed full of brown, green, and oddly rainbow sludge slowly flowing west to the sea.  There were 2 mega spell craters. One along the shore line to the west that was mostly filled in by a bubbling, radioactive ocean and surrounded by the remains of a pier side amusement park. The other was to the north rather close to a hill dotted with fancy mansions for every race imaginable. Directly to the west of the northern crater a larger mountain rose above the city.

On the once green face of the mountain a set of large white letters–greyed overtime by dust–said spelled out Applewood.  Though the “A” was leaning back against the mountainside, the second “p” was crooked and the top of the “d” was just rusted metal scaffolding.


Before the War


During the War


After the Apocalypse

The stabled opened and ponies began to resettle the city.


The Applewood Sign

Hidden behind it is a MOA hub lived in by a mysterious collector.


River Bank

A series of tents and ramshackle structures made of concrete debris arranged on both sides of the ApplewoodRiver. Wood and concert stretches over the river proper and the river is used as the outhouse. The entire settlement smells rancid due to the polluted river and the dirty residents.

Stressed there is a bathhouse called Lotus & Aloe’s Bathhouse and spa controlled by the tribe. It is used to clean the guide hired by travelers so they smell less.

Mareily Hills

An upscale community consisting of decrepit mansions for every race imaginable.

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