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What the FUCK is WRONG with you! The wasteland isn't fucked up enough!?
Chapter 34

Arbu is a town near Bucklyn Cross that appears in chapter 34. The town is the site of some of the darkest events of the story.

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Events in the story[]

When Littlepip and her companions arrive at Arbu, the town is under attack by bandits. After helping defend the town, they are welcomed by the seemingly wholesome and generous townsponies, who claim to survive by hunting and selling Radigator meat.

Littlepip's arrival at Arbu sets a series of events in motion that make the group begin to question their morality. Velvet Remedy tends to Pyrelight rather than one of the injured bandit ponies and is faced with the guilt of choosing her pet over a fellow pony. Littlepip, who shot the bandit, feels guilty when she realizes that he had a colt, Sandy Shores. Meanwhile, the ponies of Arbu begin collecting the bodies under the guise of giving them a proper burial, further stressing that they are kind ponies. They also take in Sandy Shores.

Later, Littlepip is given a bowl of Radigator soup by the townsponies. She also notices the brands that adorn many of their flanks. One townspony explains to her that it is an Arbu mark, which a pony receives after consuming the heart of their first kill. Since the town's economy revolves around hunting, Littlepip thinks nothing of this at the time.

In an effort to help the town, Littlepip travels to Bucklyn Cross to retrieve a water talisman from the Steel Rangers stationed there. Though SteelHooves attempts to settle things peacefully, everything goes south when a nervous Steel Ranger accidentally fires his weapon and the gang finds themselves once again fighting to reach their goals. Most of the Steel Rangers die in the ensuing firefight, to Littlepip's dismay.

After giving the water talisman to the ponies of Arbu, Littlepip is approached by Grandpa Rattle, a seemingly senile old pony. Littlepip learns that the bandits were actually citizens of Arbu who left after discovering the town's secret: The townsponies are cannibals. To convince her, he sends Littlepip to the basement of the town's Qwik-Care clinic, where they store the bodies.

In the basement, Littlepip finds the carved-up corpses of several ponies. To her horror, she notices that Sandy Shores's father is among them, and that his heart is missing. Littlepip remembers how a pony earns their Arbu mark, and realizes where it is. After a fit of retching in an attempt to purge the "Radigator" soup from her body, she heads back upstairs and unleashes her fury on the town.

Littlepip summarily executes anypony with an Arbu mark, some of whom are little older than foals. Following the massacre, Littlepip begins to doubt whether she is good at all, while DJ Pon3, who is unaware of the cannibalistic nature of the town, is horrified and disgusted by Littlepip when she hears reports of the massacre.

Even after Grandpa Rattle shows everypony his journal of travelers that came to Arbu and were killed, Calamity is saddened and disappointed in Littlepip for acting so hastily and without any thought but bloodlust. They then escort the remaining foals to Friendship City along with Grandpa Rattle, who sets the record straight in an interview with DJ Pon3.

From this point on, Littlepip is demonized in the minds of some ponies as "Hellmare", the pony who exterminated an entire town with bullets of fire. Even though her anger was justified and both Homage and Calamity would come to forgive her, Littlepip would never truly forgive herself for her actions at Arbu.

During the epilogue, it is revealed that the New Canterlot Republic turned Arbu into a prison. After dropping Fluttershy off at Bucklyn Cross meet with Applejack's Rangers, Calamity flies to Arbu to visit "an old friend who looks a lot like me," meaning either his father, one of his surviving brothers Windsheer and Pride, or Gutshot, the Wonderbolt who was altered to look like Calamity, were imprisoned there.

Behind the Scenes[]

The town of Arbu in Fallout: Equestria is a reference to the town of Andale in Fallout 3, a town of cannibals where life carries on as if the war never happened.