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Aries (Project Horizons)
Aries in her power armour.
~ DAfavicon.png IrkenGeneral
Race Earth Pony
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Zodiac Clan
Family Zodiac Clan
Status Alive
  Deceased (Ch 77)

Aries is a member of the Zodiac Clan, a group of Mercenaries under the control of Dr. Zodiac working for the Collegiate. Like the rest of the clan in the field, she was dispatched to retrieve Blackjack under the pretense of claiming the massive bounty set on her head by Deus. Both she and Aquarius ambushed Blackjack as she was meeting with an Applebot in a Stable-Tec facility after Aquarius place a tracker in her tail in Chapel.

Aries wears a suit of Steel Ranger armor painted cheery red and with a fire plume on her flank. She wears a battle-saddle with incendiary weaponry including a flamethrower and a napalm grenade launcher.

Eventually, she was locked down in the armor when Blackjack ran electricity through a pool of water, overloading the armor but leaving Aries alive and trapped.

It is revealed she later returned to the Collegiate as she is present with a number of other Zodiacs while Blackjack is being interrogated by Sagittarius following her escape from the Redoubt. Following the war council she arrives (sans armour) at the last minute party at Star House along with many of the other Zodiacs.