Artificial Intelligence (A.I.s) are highly intelligent, sentient, or semi-sentient entities that exist within computer systems. They are created to operate more complicated machinery and devices, such as robots.


Artificial Intelligences were normally limited to devices such as robots or other computer systems. The majority of A.I. are intelligent enough to continue their pre-war functions and are normally hostile to ponies that they detect. The Crusader Maneframes possessed extremely powerful A.I.s and were capable of processing vast amounts of information quickly or even containing a pony's knowledge and personality.

In Other Stories

Artificial Intelligences have appeared in a number of other stories.

Project Horizons

A.I. with distinct personalities have been shown in robots such as Cerberus & Ol' Hank. Another A.I. has appeared on a number of occasions, possessing computer systems in a bid to attack Blackjack, creating the Robomination or hacking security systems to attack her or other creatures.

Pink Eyes

The Mark VI Omni-Environmental Suit that Puppysmiles wears has a semi-sentient A.I. that guides Puppy through its various functions. The environmental suit is able to communicate with other computer systems and devices but has no overall desires or goals of its own. Two more advanced A.I.s were also encountered by Puppy on her journey. The first was P7, the seventh version of an A.I. based on Pinkie Pie. The other one was SolOS, an A.I. whose goal was to rebuild Equestria and help its creators at Solaris Inc. gain the upper hand over Stable-Tec and its associates.


An Artificial Intelligence called Wave was living in a unmarked stable on Buckston's coastline. Wave had absorbed the Stable's A.I.s to increase its own processing power and intelligence, but was corrupted by conflicting goals that eventually led the rogue A.I. to kill a sizable portion of the stable's population.

New Roam

An AI residing within an APC named Zaita has been activated by the main protagonists and has since brought them around on all their adventures. She is a sentient AI that has very humanistic qualities, such as a love for certain kinds of music and a desire to be with her companions at all times. She herself is sometimes surprised by this.

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