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A Balefire Bomb is a type of megaspell, developed by the zebras during the Great War. Balefire bombs are made from necromantic spells that are released as massive explosions that bathe the area in radioactive fire. They are extremely destructive and leave behind radiation as well as huge craters. This radiation can mutate and change any living organism that comes into contact with an excessive amount: for example, ponies can become ghouls and pre-war animals become entirely different creatures, like the phoenix which became the Balefire Phoenix.

A smaller and safer version of a Balefire bomb, Balefire eggs can be fired from a Balefire egg launcher. Littlepip used one of these to kill three alicorns, as well as later using four Balefire eggs to kill the radiation-enhanced alicorn she encountered in Fillydelphia.

In Other Stories

Project Horizons

In Project Horizons, a specialized Balefire bomb detonated improperly in Hightower Prison, irradiating the prison with incredibly high levels of radiation and contributing to unique creatures found within, like the heavily mutated ghoul warden, the flaming ghouls stalking the corridors and the abomination known as the Smooze.

Pink Eyes

A Balefire Bomb struck the famous Salt Cube of Salt Cube City, the cube absorbed the megaspell which saved the majority of the city from being destroyed. The energy built up inside the cube over the next two hundred years, slowly releasing more and more radiation until it reached potentially critical levels which would wipe out the city as it was intended. However a group of ghouls managed to take the salt cube out of the city before it could do any damage.


A Balefire megaspell was implanted inside the Laughing Stallion using a method developed by the wartime Caledonian government. The megaspell detonated but was teleported outside of Dise, saving the city.

The Last Sentinel

Balefire bombs detonated in the far north cause the snowfall to coat the land in radiation. Components of Balefire Bombs survived as did radioactive material, enough to be scavenged and reused in making another Megaspell.


A Balefire railway cannon round was recovered by the Buckston Steel Rangers.

Occupational Hazards

The NEAMO facility houses a gigantic cannon designed to fire weaponized megaspell warheads, of which it contains plenty. Detonations of Balefire Bombs in the southern latitudes caused severe radioactive fallout which traveled on northerly winds, raising the background radiation significantly and making snowstorms very dangerous to be caught in.


  • First weaponized megaspell use was a Balefire bomb at Manehattan.
  • Cloudsdayle was completely vaporized by a Balefire bomb.
  • Balefire Eggs are a smaller version of their megaspell counterpart and radiation dissipates more quickly.
  • Balefire Radiation seems to act similar to nuclear radiation in Fallout 3.
  • The Balefire Bombs are the Fallout: Equestria counterpart to the nuclear bombs found in real life and in Fallout.