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Balefire Eggs are smaller, safer, and overall less powerful versions of Balefire Bombs, meant to be fired out of a Balefire Egg Launcher.


A Balefire Egg is a small gem shaped like an egg and enchanted with a spell that causes a miniature balefire explosion. The surfaces of the eggs are black, but are described as looking like they are impossible constructions, bending in on themselves and giving showing other signs of chaotic or necromantic energies and magic.

The eggs are normally fired from a Balefire Egg Launcher, the weapon they were built for, but can also be thrown or manipulated by other means; a launcher is the most effective means of using them however because of the large blast that comes from them. If the initial blast doesn't kill a victim, the radiation produced by the balefire egg is normally enough to kill or heavily irradiate anyone caught in the blast radius.


  • Balefire Eggs are based on the Mini nukes from Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, and the Egg Launcher is a direct mirror of the Fat Man.