Littlepip carrying a balefire Egg Launcher.
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The Balefire Egg Launcher is an uncommon, but extremely powerful, heavy weapon in Fallout: Equestria. The weapon was developed during the war and fires balefire eggs, a rare and powerful ammunition type.


The weapon is likely of zebra origin, given that it uses balefire eggs as its primary ammunition and the zebra were masters of creating and using balefire-based weaponry.

Littlepip discovered four balefire eggs in Fillydelphia, which she used to kill a super-alicorn that was attacking Xenith by detonating the eggs using a grenade. Littlepip later recovered a Balefire Egg Launcher (B.E.L) from an armory in Zebratown along with some ammo. The weapon was identified by Xenith, and used by Littlepip against a trio of alicorns that they had encountered. The blast of the B.E.L killed the three alicorns and destroyed three rooms, as well as the floor and roof close to her intended targets. The weapon was crushed by a slab of concrete, and any usable parts were salvaged by Calamity.

In Other Stories


Hired Gun recovered a Balefire Egg Launcher from a Steel Ranger who was killed by one of the Hizai's. She stores the weapon in her apartment in the Black Salamander.

Project Horizons

Psalm found one of these weapons inside Maripony. She used it once, but never got the chance to fire it again as she was captured and drawn into Unity.


Solara owns a unique Balefire Egg Launcher, that she named Anathema. The unique Balefire Egg Launcher was built by the Enclave scientist, Noctilucent.

Do Robot Ponies Dream of Electronic Bunnies

Versatile has a Balefire Egg Launcher that he acquired at the start of his journey. It was one of the initial weapons he recovered at his journey's beginning and is carried on his body's built-in battle-saddle.


  • The Balefire Egg Launcher is based on the Fat Man, shoulder mounted, tactical nuke launcher from the Fallout series.
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