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Barkin' Saw is an old hellhound living in a shack near the edge of Everfree Forest. A hermit, he lives near the Hope Solar Array, deaf and apparently going senile according to the Albino Hellhound.


Modern Day

Barkin' Saw, along with other hellhounds, was resposible for perpetuating myths that kept ponies away from the Everfree Forest; one such myth was the legend of the Headless Horse.

Barkin' Saw's deafness proved to be an advantage during Operation: Cauterize when the Enclave arrived in Everfree Forest with their mind controlling helmets and signal towers. Barkin' Saw couldn't hear the signals, and therefore was still able to think clearly and maintain control over his own will. He spent much of his time using his sniper rifle to pick off Enclave soldiers who were too foolhardy to venture into his line of sight.

When Littlepip was gathering allies to fight at the S.P.P. tower at Neighvarro, Barkin' Saw was sent by the Albino Hellhound to meet Littlepip near Old Olneigh. He mistook a travelling vendor, the chem merchant Doc Hoof, as Littlepip, and was found to be in a conversation with the stallion about chems, much to his confusion. Littlepip politely introduced herself to him and brought him with her to the Dragon Cave for the planning stage of her assault.

During the assault, he rode on Spike's back, using his impressive sniping abilities to dispatch foes. It is likely he survived the battle, returned to his pack, and went on living amongst them or as a hermit.


Skills and Abilities

Barkin' Saw is an incredibly talented sniper, using his rifle to dispatch foes at long range and even while mounted and traveling at high speeds. His deafness makes communication with him rather difficult at times.

Behind the Scenes

  • Barkin' Saw is based on Arkansas, a mad sniper living by himself in a minefield, from Fallout 3.