The Battle of Stable 2 was a battle where a large group of Steel Rangers, led by Elder Blueberry Sabre, attacked Stable 2 to claim its water talisman and to convert the Stable into a new base.

When the Rangers arrived, they indiscriminately murdered any Stable dweller they saw, and would have succeeded in killing the entirety of Stable 2's population, if not for the arrival of Littlepip and her group.

The battle marked the birth of Applejack's Rangers where a large group of Steel Rangers led by SteelHooves splintered from Blueberry Sabre's command, unwilling to murder innocent ponies, and vowed to stop their former brethren.

Midway through the battle, Littlepip was reinforced with the arrival of Blackwing and her Talon mercenaries.

This battle also marked the the first time Littlepip and Velvet Remedy returned to their former home, the discovery of Applejack's line of descendants (leading to the amusing revelation that Littlepip and Velvet Remedy were very distant relatives), and finally where SteelHooves finally made peace with himself, knowing Applejack forgave him and loved him to the very end.

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