Better Days is a character mentioned in Fallout: Equestria - Pink Eyes.


Before the War

Better Days met his future wife, Rainy Days, and they later married.

During the War

Better Days served in the Equestrian Military. He was killed fighting the zebras. His body was returned to Equestria and buried in a cemetery close to a wartime memorial that would later have a small settlement spring up around it after the war. Puppysmiles visited his grave along with her mother during the war.

After the War

His grave marker was visited by his daughter who left him several flower wreaths she had acquired from around the graveyard. 


Rainy Days - She was his wife and mother to their foal, Puppysmiles.

Puppysmiles - She is his daughter, though he died when she was still very young, meaning she has very few memories of him.
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