Big Brutus is a cyborg-minotaur, acting as the bodyguard for the slaver, Grindstone in Fallout: Equestria - Murky Number Seven.



Big Brutus's past is mostly a mystery. Brimstone first met Brutus when he wandered into the Bloodletter clan's camp and challenged hm for leadership of the clan. After a very tough fight, Brimstone won and made Big Brutus one of his Big Four, the four leaders serving under him. When the Bloodletter clan were captured and enslaved by Red Eye, Big Brutus was also captured. He ended up as Grindstone's bodyguard, accompanying the Donkey everywhere. Undergoing cybernetic-augmentation at a later point.

Present Day

Big Brutus is a menacing figure who protects Grindstone, Murky witnesses Big Brutus accompanying Grindstone and at one point, is pursued by him. The Minotaur continues to make appearances alongside his master, always silent. Brimstone later remarks on how unusual it is for Brutus to willingly guard the slaver, suspecting he is controlled thanks to the cybernetic implants.



Big Brutus is a large and imposing Minotaur, standing much taller than anyone else. The only other person who seemed to come close to his height, was Breaks Many Foes, a Buffalo and and member of the same Raider clan. He has cybernetic implants and limbs, making him far stronger and more imposing than a normal minotaur would be.

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