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"Big Macintosh" Is a canonical character to the show. See Big McIntosh for more details.
Big Macintosh
Big macintosh predeath
Big Mac in Armour, before his death.
Race Earth Pony
Sex Male
Faction/Role Equestria
Family Granny Smith - Grandmother

Applejack - (Sister; dead) Applebloom - ( Sister; dead)

Status Deceased

Before the war, Big Macintosh was a farm hand on the Apple family farm in Ponyville. He was commonly known as Big Mac, by his younger sisters Applejack and Apple Bloom.



Big Macintosh was born and raised in Ponyville.

During the War[]

Big Mac joined the Equestrian military at some point and gained the rank of a field commander. He also served as SteelHooves commanding officer at the time that Fluttershy tested her healing megaspell. Big Macintosh is most famous for taking a bullet meant for Princess Celestia following the Battle of Shattered Hoof Ridge, which fatally wounded him.

As a result of his heroic actions, monuments were made in his honor, including the one Littlepip comes across shortly after leaving Stable 2. After Macintosh's death, Applejack would have a powerful revolver made and christened after him. She called the weapon Little Macintosh, which remained in Ironshod Firearms until after the war.

In Other Stories[]

Project Horizons[]

In Project Horizons, Big Macintosh lead a specialist group of soldiers called Macintosh's Marauders. His unit consisted of ponies from a wide range of backgrounds and specializations. The group performed numerous missions together but split apart following Big Macintosh's death.

Big Mac also had a relationship with a pony named Maripony, actually Twilight Sparkle which resulted in a child, Tarot, of whom Blackjack is a descendant of. Before this could be revealed to the rest of the Apple family, Macintosh and his team participated in the fateful battle at Shattered Hoof, where Big Macintosh protected Princess Celestia from attacking zebras. The only member of his unit within reach was Psalm who came to the conclusion Celestia would be better off dead than taken a prisoner of war, and tried to assassinate her, only for Big Macintosh to take the bullet and die instantly.

Best Laid Plans[]

It was discovered that a soldier who returned from the frontlines, purchased a large revolver and named it Macintosh, after Big Macintosh. The soldier's wife was unhappy with the idea, feeling it was wrong to name a weapon of death after someone who gave his life preseving it.


Big Macintosh had a talent for Apple bucking and frequently assisted Applejack around the farm. Big Mac was also incredibly strong, once sending a crowd of ponies flying when trying to claim Smarty Pants, under the influence of the Want it, need it spell. He could easily pull heavy laden carts and stack piles of haystacks without any trouble.

He had weapons training, gained during his time in the Equestrian military.