Black moss is a parasitic plant native to the Everfree Forest.

It appears as a grotesque, bulging patch of moss, but is also described as being a species of mold. It is either seen clinging to the sides of large trees, or lurking up in the branches.

It was encountered by Littlepip and company in Chapter 42, whilst the group was contending with Red Eye's alicorns, and the Wonderbolts.


The black moss reproduces by infecting victims with spores. When alerted to the presence of prey, a patch of black moss is able to hunt by assuming the form of its former host, although when it walks, its movements are twisted and boneless.

Lacking the magic and other innate abilities of its former host, the black moss can only attack by striking with its limbs. It instinctively targets' vulnerable or exposed areas, such as the eyes or cracks and spaces within barding.

Fire and energy weapons provide the best method to destroying the plant.

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