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I'm not much for owing favors that might come back to pluck my tail-feathers.
– Blackwing
Describing her dislike of owing favors

Blackwing is a female griffin and the leader of her own, self-named company of Talons, Blackwing's Talons.


Blackwing is a young Talon mercenary, described by Littlepip as being "not as hard as Gawd". She leads Blackwing's Talons, a company of her own. Of particular note is that her Talons wear a griffin variant of Power Armour. Littlepip and company met Blackwing atop Horseshoe Tower in Manehattan, where she and her talons were being trapped and embattled by several wings of alicorns. Both the Talons and alicorns had been in that tower seeking information regarding the Black Book.

After being rescued by Littlepip and co. Blackwing joins up with Gawd's forces at Shattered Hoof, also bringing the children of Monterey Jack there. From then on, she and her Talons return at several pivotal moments later in the story. The first of these is the battle of Stable 2, where she and her Talons aided Littlepip and her friends in vanquishing the invading, Fillydelphia Steel Rangers. Of particular note is that Blackwing herself kills Elder Blueberry Sabre with a shot to the head from a plasma pistol and spouting off a one liner ("Gawd sent me.").

Later, Blackwing and her Talons, alongside Gawd and Regina, are indirectly involved with the battle of Fillydelphia. They work together to clear the cloud cover over Manehattan/Tenpony Tower so that Celestia One can be fired successfully. Blackwing loses the remaining members of her Talon company in a firefight with the Enclave, and has two-thirds of her left wing disintegrated by a magical energy weapon. She survives, but is likely forced to retire from mercenary work after that.


Despite being younger and less experienced than Gawdyna Grimfeathers, Blackwing has the will and ability to lead a full company of Talons. She is obstinate about repaying debts, and has claimed to not like playing around with favours that could "come back and bite her in the tail". She, not unlike Gawd, is abrasive, but a good person deep down. Noticeably, she has participated in several large scale events without a guarantee of compensation.


  • Blackwing and her Talons are most likely based on Riley and Riley's Rangers, even to the point that her heavy gunner is named Butcher after the medic, and has a unique, named weapon (Little Gilda, a dismounted Anti-Aircraft Cannon).
  • In chapter 18 a spelling error makes it seem that Blackwing is a male griffin rather than a female.