Blade Robins are carnivorous creatures found within Wintertrot city in Fallout: Equestria - Rangers of Wintertrot.


The birds at first glance, appear to be flying knives. Their small bodies and long blade-like beaks are what give them their infamous name. A large cluster of nesting Blade Robins were encountered within Wintertrot's Robronco Headquarters. Their nests were between Inkwell and Star Paladin Mustang who was incapacitated behind a door, near the nest.

Crosshair drew the Blade Robins away by using his Zebra Rifle and led a murder of blade robins away from Inkwell, giving him time to rescue Mustang. The swarm of blade robins in their pursuit of Crosshair did visible damage to the hallways as they followed him. Mustang halted the blade robins by blasting them with his miniguns until he piled up enough dead blade robins that they took to cannibalizing their dead instead of chasing them.



Blade Robins are carnivorous creatures that attack in swarms. They use their sheer numbers and wicked, sharp beaks to take down their prey and cut up corpses, bringing food back to their nests. They can move very quickly, their wings almost seeming to hum. They have small green eyes and crimson coated bodies. Their beaks are sharp enough to pierce power armour and cut off chunks of hide. They can also eat their own and have been shown, cannibalizing blade robin corpses.


Blade Robins are persistent hunters, pursuing Crosshair through two floors of Robronco's Headquarters. They will attack in large numbers, leaving their chicks undefended. Blade Robins will cannibalize their dead and will give up on pursuing their prey if an easier target such as a pile of their own dead presents itself.


  • Described as flying knives.
  • One of the more dangerous swarming wildlife in Wintertrot, the other being Frostsprites
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