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Bloatsprite flying.
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Bloatsprites are common flying creatures in the Equestrian Wasteland that have mutated from parasprite. Prior to the Great War, parasprites were a fairly common pest capable of eating just about anything. The Ministry of Image used them for this reason to eat treasonous words out of books.

Due to exposure to Taint, many parasprites were turned into bloatsprites. Their bodies look like bloated spheres with long spines that it can fire at its prey. Similar to the parasprite from which they have evolved, bloatspirites reproduce asexually after consuming a certain amount of food.

Side Stories[]

Scorposprites (Project Horizons)[]

A variant of Parasprites that were created by Hippocratic Research. They have bodies the size of a pony's head, scuttling limbs, buzzing filmy wings and the venomous tail of a scorpion. They have been found nesting within Hippocratic Research and are aggressive predators. Their stings contain venom, which requires antivenom to treat.

Frostsprites (Rangers of Wintertrot)[]

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A variant of bloatsprite that has adapted to the cold conditions of Wintertrot. Frostsprites are similar to regular bloatsprites except their natural colouration is usually white and pale blue. They do not grow sharp spines to fire like regular bloatsprites, instead they generate sharp ice shards that they create in small holes were a bloatsprites spines would form and fire them from there. Frostsprites construct nests where they live, when not out hunting. Bloatsprites often attack in swarms, particularly when their nests are attacked.

Paradores (Pink Eyes)[]

An extremely dangerous version of Bloatsprites. Paradores have large butterfly like wings and predatory mandibles. They come in a variety of pastel colours and are extremely aggressive and dangerous predators. They can fly extremely quickly and are born unable to fly. A nest of them was found in the Solaris Stable, alongside numerous destroyed robots and pony skeletons.


  • Mr.Horse developed the Mechasprite, based on the original Parasprites
  • Bloatsprites appear to be the Equestrian version of the Bloatflies found in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.