• Abassemenax

    Semenax Capsule

    August 7, 2019 by Abassemenax

    Obat herbal adalah obat yang kini memiliki rating tertinggi sebagai salah satu obat yang di cari.terutama untuk kaum pria,salah satunya penyubur sperma herbal. Dengan mengkonsumsi semenax original usa herbal capsule secara teratur Suplemen yang dapat membantu meningkatkan kesuburan, kualitas dan volume sperma, dibuat dari bahan-bahan alami yang akan bekerja dengan cara menutrisi tubuh, memberikan nutrisi yang diperlukan tubuh untuk membantu memproduksi sperma yang berkualitas dan lebih banyak.

    Problem masalah yang dialami oleh pasangan suami istri yaitu kualitas sperma yang buruk menjadikan susah mendapatkan keturunan,karena faktor medis yaitu kurang kentalnya sperma sang Pria, Sehingga menyebabkan pria tidak mampum menembus dinding rahim k…

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  • Dekkonot

    As the title says, I am considering applying to be the 'owner' of the wiki. I'm doing so because the current administrators have not been active in the last several months, and the overall quality of the wiki is in a downwards trend.

    That being said, does anyone have any objections? I have spoken to the Fallout: Equestria Discord server about it, and no one has expressed any disagreements. (Server invite for that server is, by the way)

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  • LtSparx

    I've noticed a user, not gonna say who, but they've been going around changing up some of the articles with false information.  This would have been hard to spot if it weren't for the fact they lack proper grammar and are unable to properly edit even their own work.  Even going so far as to insert other characters into posts about compeltely irrelevant characters.  I've just spent the past half hour going through and double checking/fixing what they had messed up, so please keep an eye and an ear out for people like this so we can maintain a certain level of quality and accuracy on this site.  Okay, I'm done with my little rant.  Have a great evening everypony.

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  • Jennings1970

    Fluttershy's Brother

    February 24, 2016 by Jennings1970

    Andrea Libman has stated Fluttershy has a brother who will appear in MLP season 6. He is very likely Pop Fly, who sings on the MLP Christmas music album released last year.

    How does Pop Fly fit in the world of Fallout Equestria?

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  • LtSparx

    Still kicking...

    January 31, 2016 by LtSparx

    Wow it's been a while.  A lot has stayed the same on here and more has been contributed... and edited ^_^  Periodically I make the rounds and you might see a huge influx of edits from myself.  Mostly that's just me adding category tags to pages so they can be found by searching specific tags.  Why the original author didn't add them I don't know but I'm more than happy to add them when I come across them. 

    On another related note.  I've been working out information for my own fanfic Aurora and hope to be adding more locations, characters and even a few factions as the stroy progresses...  Which it can because I've played Fallout 4 enough that I can feel confident my settlements will be okay while I dissapear to go write for hours on end.  C…

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  • LtSparx

    No I don't really have time to spare at the moment.  I'm pretty busy with several things on my end at the moment.  As of this writing I'm working on rewriting chapter two of Fallout Equestria: Aurora so that is more at my writing level since I was gravely disapointed in what I had written only a week or so prior.  So as I work on that I will also be updating pages here that correlate to the story such as locations (once I get to some)  and some more characters once they make their appearance.  So with that said, I hope you can stick around a while and enjoy what takes me way too many hours to create. ^_^

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  • Seeyr

    Any Military Ponys Out there?

    September 4, 2015 by Seeyr

    If your in ANY Equestrian Military Body this one's for you.

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  • Thunderwire

    Hello. My name is Thunderwire. Here’s a little bit about me.

    I am a Guard for the G.P.E. (Grand Pegasus Enclave) I work nights.

    I am a Colt. (Male for you non-ponies)

    I use a standard CS-717 flight armor with two 10 inch barrel revolver side arms: I don't like rifles.

    I have a fear of bugs of any kind. (Please don't tell any pony.)

    I like spicy food even though I can't handle most of it.

    Oh! and my grammar is really bad. Sorry for that.

    Umm...I guess thats it for now. Ask if you wanna know anything else.

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  • Artiestroke

    New Here

    August 2, 2015 by Artiestroke

    Super surprised to have even seen reference to the early version of my own FO:E fic here. But since there's a new version that's out and being worked on, I should probably work on the wiki bits for it here. 

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  • InterloperS29

    Hello, hello!

    February 13, 2015 by InterloperS29

    Hello, fellow wiki users, my name's Interloper, but I go by InterloperS29 on Deviantart, NotInterloper on Derpibooru, and Interloper on Wattpad. Primarily, however, you'll find me on FimFiction as Interloper. Yes I am interloping all over the internet.

    I can't believe I never made a blog here before.

    Well, anyways, I'm an undergrad, first year Anthropology Major who's interested in doing pre-med, practices martial arts, draws horse art for extra cash, and, like many of us are, writes horse words in the FO:E universe. I've been writing stories of all sorts since elementary school. Prior to becoming a 'most-of-the-time' MLP:FIM fanfiction writer, I wrote, and began and dropped several original stories, from sci-fi to horror, to other fanfictio…

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  • Slouping

    I asked myself, then I ask you now:

    How does wastelands ponies (and their groups) react to disabled (mentally or physically) ponies ?

    When I say disabled mentally or physically, I mean infirmity, not mentally as raiders and others psycopaths, and  not physically as a pony with its leg eaten by a hungry Hellhound.

    Technically, with radiations and taint (and other biohazards) in wastelands, but with use of drugs too, more mutations should result.

    So, how are treated these poor ponies since birth? during their lifes? By who (Raiders, slavers, Steel Rangers, Enclave, etc...)?

    Is that some stories with it? If yes, Which story?

    It still a part of FoE which still unused and could help to improve realism to the FoE fandom and stories.

    Comment as you wish…

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  • ArtisticMink

    Front Page Redesign

    September 19, 2014 by ArtisticMink

    As you probably noticed, the wikis Main Page has changed. So, here are some informations about the things available on the new Main Page. Also some hints on how to use them within other pages if needed. Critical feedback much appreciated.

    Gets its own blog post as soon as it's finished.

    The Boxes on the start page are avaiable as template and can be used everywhere on the wiki. Have some examples.

    A simple Box

    The main column is pretty much finished aside from some minor fixes. There will be another template in the future, listing FOE things aside from stories. Like games, mods, artisan crafts and other stuff.

    As for the Side Column, there's still some changes i want to do. However, i'm not sure how to structure it just yet, so it might take a …

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  • BluntTongs


    September 9, 2014 by BluntTongs

    I've always wondered what this 'blog' thing is, and how it works. Now would be a wonderful time to learn. I wonder; will anybody stop to read this? I don't know how one would be notified that a new blog post by anyone has gone up.

    Formalities and questions aside, I was wondering:

    Does anybody here, anyone in particular, actually use the given Wikia Chat function that we have? This question may or may not be rhetorical. I've observed the chat for, say, a week at most, and nobody seems to really be using it. It's barebones, dusty, and honestly quite lonely.

    I would like to change that.

    While I can have no truly functional way of getting people into the chatsystem if they don't want to, I do know of a few things to improve the overall experience …

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  • Hackerpony

    For Years I have Wnated to Make place for people to try and match the places in the 2 main books the the ngame fallout locations witch is what a big insperation for many of the locations. wele here it finally is but the reason it took me so long to make this is why i will be unable to moderate or orginize it if anyone wants to they and welcom to help though through commenting. also now that foeph has locations in it that will probly be in the next fallout game i would like to also note the locations that are now very proble to be in the next fallout game including the commenwealth - being the core

    also the locations in game are closets to what i think would be the location be name not ingame events

    here are just a few locations

    Megamart (mult…

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  • ArtisticMink

    We all love Fallout. But let's be honest, it just grew over our heads (At least over mine). Since the wiki started, huge amounts of content have found its way into this wiki. This is awesome, however, the wiki was never planned to be a multi story wiki from what i can tell. Probably no one has expectet that FO:E would be such a big thing - and it still is. 

    This might be great for the fandom, but us headaches when it comes to basic things like categorization. Wikias category structure is hierarchical, that's a great thing for single-topic wiki with branching but linear growing content. For a diverse universe like FoE, it's just not very good. Dozens of categories basically adressing the same thing - just in different stories, categories who…

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  • ArtisticMink

    For once, the new visual editor is now avaiable and the default editor. It should greatly increase usabillity while editing wikia pages. However, you may use the old editor if you expand the editor popup menu and choose "classic editor". Visual editor help page.

    Please leave feedback about the editor if you have some time to spare. 

    Also, there's Lua templating. That's the hot new thing on wikia and has recently been unlocked upon request. This kind of templating does not replace the old wikia markup, but gives you the option to create complex content by using theLUA scripting language. In daily usage, this makes not much difference but it allows us to create much more cool stuff in the future. Also, if you have a fic with lots of stuff in i…

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  • ArtisticMink

    Featured Stories

    August 4, 2014 by ArtisticMink

    You probably already noticed, the Featured Stories have (again) changed. 

    The new slider-like format has two big benefits: It's easy to edit as the slider is fed by a regular wiki table and it occupies less space then previous implementations. 

    It's a javascript implementation powered by jssor , the script collects its data from this table. 

    The table is pretty simple and consists out of four columns: Image, text, fimfiction link and a switch that is currently not used. To add a featured story, just add a row by right-clicking and copy the contents from a wiki article. There's not much to worry about. 

    During the next weeks, i'll try to tweak it a little.Visually as well as technically, since it still has some hickups. 

    Hope it makes the handli…

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  • TetragrammatonFA


    May 29, 2014 by TetragrammatonFA

    As my user page already states, I'm the person writing Fallout Equestria - Fallen Angels. I heard of this wiki some time ago and decided that I should be active in here too. 

    After being an anonymous user for the last few months I decided to join the Wiki, so that I could keep track of my contributions and followings.

    Long story short: no page is save from me. If there is an spelling error, a link that isn't there or a missing category, I'm going to fix that like I fix all problems in my life. By simply mashing buttons on my keyboard. 

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  • Dleifragcat

    My Ficwork

    April 24, 2014 by Dleifragcat

    Howdy all!

    Getting settled in here, learning how to do wikis again, re-reading Fallout because I forgot something about guns, ...aaaaaaaand this thing right here!

    I hope when I do have all my resources sorted and when I finally release it, it will be glorious. Always wanted to write a Crossover fic to pay homage to the original, but was rather depressed for a while when I was unable to write, and when I considered my writing to be 'too confusing'  or 'too lacking' for readers to grasp. The extremes on those issues really boggled my mind for a time. Hopefully, I will be able to start this and finish it, and then, start a sequel! Wooooo!

    Currently it is unreleased, I …

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  • ArtisticMink

    I fixed the last side-storie bugs, including the very annoying bug of having the wrong word count or date for a story. Also, the page should be even faster. 

    Additionally, i added a guide on how to add side-stories due to demand. Proof reading would be nice. 

    I replaced the fimfic plugin documentation of my former blog post by a interactive fiddle which also contains a documentation and examples. That should help out if something is wrong with the plugin and i'm not avaiable. You can find it here:

    At last, i added a switch which disableds the plugin for a certain row. Just add

    to the story.

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  • ArtisticMink

    I gave the Side Stories Page a little love. The changes are pretty heavy but i decided to work on the open heart instead of creating temporary pages, since that would have been a lot more work. Please leave your feedback here. Also, if you dont approve the changes, feel free to revert them.

    The following entries have changed:

    • MediaWiki:Common.js
    • Side Stories
    • Template:StoryTable
    • Template:StoryEntry

    If you want to undo the changes, you have to jump back to revision  17:59, March 20, 2014 on Side Stories, 18:52, May 5, 2012 for StoryTable and  19:05, May 5, 2012‎ for StoryEntry. Common.js does not necessarily need an undo. 

    For people not interested in the details, there is a TL;DR at the bottom of the page. Here is an in-depth explanation about what …

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  • Lightning the shockwing

    We must unite and stop the threat to all wikis Sopa click on the link and learn more about there evil ways.


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  • Lightning the shockwing

    Sadly i've never read Fallout Equestria but i want to.

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  • Ms. Black Ops

    I'm not certain if this is already known to the user's of this wiki, but I recently discovered Overmare Studio's, and their current project of transcribing the Fo:E story line into Video Game format. I have listend to ambient music tracks they've made, and watched a video on the use's of Telekinesis, and how it works in game. It appears to be a PC download only, further info etc can be found at The Overmare. Should we begin to include pages for the Development, or how should we proceed to adding this information, if we even do?

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  • Crimson Claws

    About me

    January 22, 2014 by Crimson Claws

    I am a student in high school. I don’t really like school but I try, but I still get bad grades. I used to hate reading with a passion until I found Fallout Equestria. Since then I can't read enough. I read the book before I watched My Little Pony FIM. I only watched the show because I was curious about who this Ministry Mares where before the war. As I watched I started to like it more and more. I like the show but I don’t love it. I do love Fallout Equestria though. It’s the first book I ever really loved or even liked that much. I used to play x-box but now I spend most of my time reading and doing homework. I should probably study more but it’s just really hard and gives me a headache. But I do like geometry and American Government. I …

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  • Doomande

    Request for a wiki page

    October 28, 2013 by Doomande

    We have this discussion so many times over and over again, so could we not get a more or less officcial collection of contradictions there is between the stories of the main 4? Or at least one wiki pages there are locked and only can be edited by admins there are about PH vs Original, and one for all the rest.

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  • BlackHeart The Pegasus

    This FiM Fiction is an amazing fusion of Fallout and Ponies. Kkat really has done an amazing job, and I applaud him for that. So far, I have only read the original, and I’m still on chapter 32. Reading this story has made me think of what virtues (and vices, for that matter) I have. It has made me question myself in ways I never had suspected.

    What would I do if I were in the presence of Raiders?”

    “If I had the chance to save myself, or someone I hold dear, who would I choose?”

    “Would I, under similar conditions, crack under the pressure and give up?”

    This work of Equine Art is worthy of Celestia herself. I cannot wait to finish the series.

    More coming soon,


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  • Lightning Bolt the Second

    Just a couple crappy pictures I made of my OC. :3

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  • Doomande

    No Shining Armour?

    August 5, 2013 by Doomande

    Is it really right that we don´t have any Shining Armour but we have page up and down about Princess Cadence, that can not be right. Someone that can remember the show and know their lore, add mister Shining!

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  • ArtisticMink

    I started puzzling around with CIV V a little and it ended up adding a bunch of City States, resembling places out of Fallout:Equestria and its sidestories.

    There's currently 14 City States and hopefully more in the future. For update news, please visit the steam workshop. I will use this blog post mostly to keep track of implemented city states. Sadly i have only limited knowledge about settlements in side stories. If you have suggestions, please be welcome.

    You can grab this mod at steam workshop .

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  • John Colt

    Weapon Infobox

    July 14, 2013 by John Colt

    Hey there!

    I just made a Weapon infobox for all you guys out there with your own unique weapons and whatnotall. Anyway, it is still a little bit in development so I'm happy to get any comments I can get, and if it's just a "good job" (seriously, my ego needs this)

    Here it is:

    And that's how it will look like:

    | type = Double-Action Revolver | owner = Littlepip | user = | manufacturer = Ironshod Firearms
    commissioned by Applejack

    | color = metallic body, white grip | material = aluminum/steel alloy, Ivory | decor = three apples on grip | mod = A Scope

    | ammotype = .44 Magnum | magazine = unknown | ammovar = Armor-piercing }}

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  • Dashite

    If you're not aware, there is an older post here on the wiki depicting a Fallout Equestria related IRC channel in which everyone can join! Wanna know how? It's simple really just check out this page here:

    This one contains the rules, guidelines, etc. 

    If you'd like the skip the banter you can just go here

    Hope to see some new faces! 

    Dashite (talk) 14:38, July 5, 2013 (UTC)

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  • John Colt

    New Layout

    June 16, 2013 by John Colt

    Hey Guys!

    I changed the Wikis frontpage-layout, so... that's a thing... Those are the changes I tried to achieve:

    • We are a wiki, a source of information! So I moved the Content further up, made it smaller and more presentable
    • The featured stories were moved up and are now a little smaller, but at a fullHD resolution (and if you don't have a shitload of toolbars installed) they are now all visible, only minorly cut of. The "featured stories" part now fulfills it's purpose of being immediately visible.
    • The welcome is moved to the right side. Why? I don't rightly know, but It seemed like it was the best (or only left) place. I also cut off the amount of edits and pages, it's fun yes, but we don't really need it, do we?
    • Featured Quote and Articles…
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  • Camofire096

    I am working on a new fanfic for Fallout Equestria! A sort of "teaser trailer" story has been written, check out "Crossbones" on the wiki.

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  • John Colt

    Hello People! This is your new Overlord John Colt speaking.

    You probably noticed a few changes around here lately, the most notable is the change in Featured Stories and that I (yes, me personally) pegged up Guise of Chaos. GoC kinda deserves to be treated like that, don't you think? Is there any other complete and good Fallout fic out there?? (Which is not a One-Shot) That is pretty damn respectable.

    About a week ago I got to be admin here and I think it's time to introduce myself properly. I'm 21, live in Austria and I'm the author of Fallout: Equestria - Gaia Prevails - fimfiction. I update it weekly (on Wednesday), and it's probably the best story you are ever going to read in your entire life (maybe I'm exaggerating). At least it's the be…

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  • Tonto The Earth Pony

    Okay guys, I notice a lot of new content every time I come back here and often I have to fix little things. So to make my life and the lives of you and editors easier, I thought I would give you some explanations.

    Okay so this bit is important, characters, items, weapons etc belonging to the original Fallout Equestria just get their page named after them. For example Littlepip , Calamity or Spitfire's Thunder. Whereas a character, item etc from another story gets part of the title in their name for example Mach (Outlaw), Frost Windchill (The Last Sentinel) & Subtlety (Heroes). Stories with eceptionally long names such as Fallout: Equestria - Do Robot Ponies Dream of Electronic Bunnies obviously have pages related to them shortened to Versat…

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  • Doomande

    Who ho! I do now also know how to make those Perk lists fairly easy, adding pictures and links galore.

    And to that do I only have one question, why have no one told me before how easy and good it feel do work on the wiki like this?

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  • Doomande


    April 18, 2013 by Doomande

    So two things I have thought about that maybe could be good to be added to the wiki.

    Pages to a colection of completed stories and one shots. I don´t know with the rest of you, but at times would I want to read an ended story so I don´t have to wait at the new chapters at a point, and the wiki would be a good place to look after them.

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  • CamoBadger

    Zebra Naming

    March 27, 2013 by CamoBadger

    So, I've brought this up elsewhere and was told I should bring the discussion here, so here I am with a quick (long winded) question!

    I've been curious for a while about how authors or OC creators name their zebra characters. Because we only see Zecora in the show, we never got any show canon on how it happens, not like pony names which are a bit obvious.

    So here's my question to the writers and character creators out there who have made a zebra: How did you name them?

    Personally, I developed a system of how to do it because I wanted to create something consistent and that made some sense to me for the large number of zebras in my story. I don't know what others use, but I go off of this system. I use examples of names from my story to try an…

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  • SigmatheAwesome

    I'm having a wee bit of trouble with things. If you have access to templates, please link them to me so I can do things better.

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  • Tonto The Earth Pony

    Twilight Sparkle

    February 17, 2013 by Tonto The Earth Pony

    I want to make it absolutely clear that Twilight Sparkle is a unicorn in the Fallout: Equestria official canon. Alicorn Twilight would contradict the canon of this setting and would make certain key elements of the setting and plot and background, obselete. 

    This is the same with Trixie, who never found the Alicorn Amulet in the main FOE canon and why information relating to the amulet and The Magic Duel were deleted from this wiki. Please do not add any more info about season 3 or season 4 to the pages of this wiki.

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  • StormbadgerXIII

    I'll be honest - FoE Truth or Dare isn't going well.  I decided to jump right into it without seriously planning it.  I don't even know who the major antagonist is going to be, let alone 80% of the plot.  I've got the characters in one spot with no clue how to keep going.

    So I'm going to put that story on hiatus.  I'll submit what I've written soon (once I make a few minor changes) and leave it as is until I get some good ideas for it.

    However, I have another side story to write - Purity.  I've been planning this one on and off for almost a year, and I've already written the first two chapters.   And I think the main characters are much more interesting.

    And with that, I'll need a couple of people to act as pre-readers aside from my brother. …

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  • ArtisticMink

    Finally got things done. Moving, new job and all that stuff. I think i have some time left so i can work on the wiki this weekend. Finally finishing the featured box and making it work like it should be.

    Sorry everpony that i started that with barely enough time at my hands.

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  • Rac Ward

    Finding Rainbow Dash: A Fallout Equestria Fan Fic

    By Rac Ward

    Part Two: Arrival

                The rocking of the train awoke Airborne from his slumber. Opening one eye he looks at Starshine and says, “Where are we?” she looks at him and says, “We are almost there.” Sitting up on the bench Airborne looks out the window to see snow falling heavily on the blurry landscape as the train chugs past. Airborne looks back to Starshine and asks, “What happened here?” Starshine replies, “The Empire use to be a beautiful land like Equestria was before the war, the jewel of the North. It was ruled by none other than Princess Cadence, a relative of Princess Celestia and her husband Shining Armor. But when the war began, Princess Cadence declared the Crystal E…

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  • Rac Ward

    Finding Rainbow Dash

    A Fallout Equestria Fan Fic

    By Rac Ward

    Part One: Preparing To Leave

              Fluttershy sat watching the sunrise over the canopy of the Everfree forest. Seeing the sun rise over Equestria driving back the dark of the night she thought was a perfect metaphor for how things were since the Great War. Rebuilding the world after she had a hoof in destroying it was a slow agonizing process. There were still groups of Red Eye holdouts all over Equestria, even with the Talon’s guarding the skies and watching over pony convoys as they traveled the land but that wasn’t enough to keep everypony safe. Numerous times Fluttershy had tried to appeal to the Grand Pegasus Enclave for help in patrolling the skies and watching out for their…

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  • Doomande


    January 10, 2013 by Doomande

    Hehe I am learning more and more about how you make pages in this side. Just watch out people, I am going to add a lot when I have learned it all!

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  • MilkmanAssasin

    Coutesy of the voice actor of 3 dog and the vault wiki                                                            

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  • Rac Ward

    Finding Rainbow

    A Fallout Equestria Fan Fic

    By Ahura

                Fluttershy sat watching the sunrise over the canopy of the Everfree forest. Seeing the sun rise over Equestria driving back the dark of the night she thought was a perfect metaphor for how things were since the Great War. Rebuilding the world after she had a hoof in destroying it was a slow agonizing process. There were still groups of Red Eye holdouts all over Equestria, even with the Talon’s guarding the skies and watching over pony convoys as they traveled the land but that wasn’t enough to keep everypony safe. Numerous times Fluttershy had tried to appeal to the Grand Pegasus Enclave for help in patrolling the skies and watching out for their earth bound ponies but these appe…

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  • Flutterawesome


    December 12, 2012 by Flutterawesome

    Hello all. I am here in search of prereaders. I need a team of them, because I'm putting Project Polymorph through a rewrite

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  • Tonto The Earth Pony

    I recently updated every faction page related to side stories specifically the category section. In future each faction should have () beside the faction category. I have already implemented this change to existing page. For example a faction from the pink eyes should have the category: Faction (Pink Eyes)

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