Bloodletter final by slouping-d8einvl

by Slouping

Bloodletters are mutant canines that roam the Northern Wastes' wilderness and Poneva's ruined inner city. They are featured prominently in Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn.


Bloodletters are a terrifying sight in the Northern Wasteland's wilderness. They are massive wiry canines, presumably mutated from wolves, that hunt in the forests and snow-plains.


Bloodletters, while possessing conventional canine mandibles, have in addition to this, a fleshy, flexible proboscis that can extend out of their throat and rip chunks out of their preys with  rows of serrated teeth. These mutant limbs burst out of their throats and are almost as large as their muzzle themselves. To accomodate this mutated limb, bloodletters are capable of distending their jaws, splitting them open to allow room for their proboscides to emerge.

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