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Bloodwings are carnivorous mutated bats, found throughout the Equestrian Wastelands. Littlepip first encounters them in Ch.16, where they are described as grotesque giant bats, with leathery wings. They seem to have evolved from or into a vampire bat of sorts. They have many behaviors of regular bats from hanging upside down and coming out when its darker or during rainy weather. When not hunting, they can be found hanging in great numbers upside down.

They were shown travelling in large swarms in one chapter, and attacking a group of Zebra foals out in the wasteland. Once a prey is located, a Bloodwing would sink its huge fangs into a victim and drain its fluid, leaving a dried corpse behind. Prey items the size of ponies or zebras can be killed in mere seconds. The smallest bloodwings are roughly the size of a stallion pony, while the largest bloodwings are easily three times the size of a steel ranger.

Strips of leather from bloodwings can be used with zebra alchemy to make a Bloodwing Talisman, that can grant non-pegasi Ponies/Zebras a set of bat like wings. Xenith used a bloodwing talisman at the battle for Fillydelphia in her fight with Stern, though it was described as a painful experience.

Appearances in Side-stories

Rangers of Wintertrot

Inkwell and Crosshair come across hundreds of them, nesting within an old car tunnel, built within the walls outside Wintertrot. They chase Inkwell and Crosshair through the tunnel and eventually give up the chase, due to the cold weather outside the car tunnel.

Broken Steel

Appletart, Zyon and Sky Fire are chased by a swarm of bloodwings, towards Tenpony Tower. The bloodwings attacked in a large swarm and were driven off by the bright lights, employed by Tenpony Tower's staff.


Sleet Gray accidentally riles up a swarm of bloodwings nesting under an overpass.  After a short chase, one of the bloodwings manages to catch her, tackling her into a gully and nearly draining her dry.  During the fall, Sleet manages to grind the bat against the gully wall, killing it and barely surviving the encounter.

Pink Eyes

Bloodwings are also mentioned in pink eyes during Puppysmiles' journey along the Long 52.