Stable-Tec would of course have equipped the Stable with weapons capable of dealing with a monster tortoise…turtle…torturle, whatever it was!

Boglurks are mutant creatures that appear in Fallout Equestria: Hightide.


Boglurks inhabit the region of the ruins of Baltimare. Ranging from the size to several times the size of a average pony the Boglurks are armored monsters. The majority of their bodies are covered in chitinous armor, except for the underside of their necks and legs. They have powerful jaws capable of crushing a fully armored pony and have been known to use their claws to crush prey.

Inhabiting the area of the Baltimare ruins Boglurks can be found in both dry and wet sections of the city. Preferring to nest in locations with either large amounts of water or radiation or taint. Their behavior varies depending on their moods which can be dependent on if they are protecting their nests or seeking food.

The nature and origin of Boglurks has been questioned by the inhabitants of the ruins of Baltimare for some time. The obvious apperance of the four legged, scaly, armored behemoths has left little doubt that the Boglurk mutated from either local populations of turtles or tortoises. The argument is hotly debated on all sides. Attempts to discover which is which has continued the confusion as upon autopsy of Boglurk specimens have discovered a high level of inconsistent physiology. Boglurks have been found containing with turtle or tortoise or even both physiology. Even more confusing is that some Boglurks have been found to contain both male and female reproduction organs.

Perhaps the answer lies with the biggest and ornery of the city's Boglurks which has been dubbed, The-Mother-of-All-Boglurks.

Notable Boglurks

The-Mother-Of-All-Boglurks: The biggest, meanest, and toughest of all the Boglurks in Baltimare. The MOAB is regarded as an impossible killing machine that is feared and awed by inhabitants of Baltimare. The MOAB's home is inside an abandoned Metro tunnel which is both the main spawning grounds for Boglurks and the location of Stable 81. The Stable Princess, Precious, briefly encountered the MOAB after Stable 81's door was opened by the Tunnel Stallions. Precious was subsequently chased by the MOAB through the tunnel and up a Metro platform.

Notes & Trivia

Boglurks are inspired from the Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas creatures, the Mirelurks [1].

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