Fallout: Equestria Wiki
Race Earth Pony
Sex Female
Faction/Role Traders/Finders
Family Caprice - Sister

Usury - Sister

Status Alive

Bottlecap is the daughter of Finders Keepers, and is one of three sisters that run the major trade hubs throughout the Hoofington area - the other two being Usury and Caprice. Bottlecap runs the Megamart trader hub. She appears in Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons.


Present day

Blackjack first meets Bottlecap when she enters the Megamart. Bottlecap runs Megamart as a trading hub and reveals her beliefs regarding saving the wasteland with trade. Bottlecap works with Blackjack, giving her an exact estimate on the cost of EC-1101's decryption (10,000 caps). Bottlecap also offers Blackjack advice on how to get the amount of bottlecaps Blackjack needs, instructing her to try her hoof at bounty hunting and various other tasks.

When Deus arrives in Megamart to try and capture Blackjack, Bottlecap orders Deus and his cronies to leave. Deus does so, after placing a 50,000 bottlecap bounty on Blackjack. Bottlecap allows Blackjack to hide out in Megamart for three days and then manages to sneak her out of Megamart in disguise, along with a couple of roving traders and sends Blackjack off with a small task of delivering some mail to her sister Caprice.

Bottlecap later arranges the meeting with the decryption expert, who talks to Blackjack via the Applebot. Bottlecap isn't seen again until Blackjack returns to Megamart after Sanguine and Red Eye's mercenaries had killed a few traders. Bottlecap is seen donning armour and firing a beanbag gun to separate Psychoshy and a trader who were brawling. She informs Blackjack of the increased trade since Blackjack last visited.

Bottlecap offers Blackjack a reward for reclaiming Paradise for the traders/finders from Red Eye and his cybergriffin Vermilion.



Bottlecap is a fairly straightforward and sensible mare. She believes that trade will be what ultimately saves the wasteland as it creates opportunities for ponies and the like to cooperate for mutual gain, which proves easier than killing one another.

Bottlecap also likes Blackjack and all the good she has done and is trying to do. She is willing to tolerate Psychoshy's presence in Megamart so long as she is there to trade, after being reminded by Blackjack on her stance, regarding trade and ponies who do wrong.

She seems to have a dislike for her two sisters and their operating methods regarding Flank and Paradise.


  • She's the only one of Finder's daughters that relies solely on trade