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Brahmin are a species of four-legged, two-headed bovine mammals who appear in Fallout: Equestria , created from cows mutated by the megaspell fallout of the Great War . They are distinguishable for their bloated, distended udders and, as stated above, their two heads.


Pre-War and During the War[]

There is not much information about cows and their actions, society and their involvement in the war. It can be accurately theorised they must have provided milk for ponykind, and were shown to be sentient (if they were as smart as ponykind is up for debate) and intergrated into Equestrian society.


It is not known how cowkind transformed into brahmin, but they have been used as pack animals for merchant ponies, a source of milk and, depending on the pony involved, meat.

Modern Day[]

The role of brahmin in modern day has not been explored in detail, but it can be assumed they are in the much the same position.


Appearance and personality[]

Brahmin are furless, two-headed cows with a bloated udder. In most cases brahmin are docile and unintelligent, leading to a general perception that they are non-sentient, but in a few cases, as mentioned by Bess (see below), at least one head of the Brahmin is actually capable of independent thought.

Notable cows/brahmin[]


Mooriella (cow)[]
All that's really known about her is that she, and many of the other cows she lived with, were scared of snakes and had nearly damaged Ponyville during a stampede after spotting a rattlesnake. The stampede was diverted by Applejack .
Daisy Jo (cow)[]
Another cow who was involved in the stampede. She was also one of Sugar Cube Corner's most frequent customers, usually buying cookies.


The only brahmin who has had any sort of conversation with a character. Her extra head, Herbert (which Bess called Bob to 'get on his nerves') is not capable of intelligent speech. She states that most brahmin are docile but she is one of the 'lucky ones'.


  • Unlike the Brahmin from the Fallout series, The Brahmin in Fallout Equestria are capable of speech.
  • Bess occasionally referring to the other head a Bob is a reference to the recurring Fallout character Harold, a unique ghoul-like mutant who developed a tree growing out of his head. He nicknamed it Bob but sometimes jokingly refers to it as Herbert .