Race Earth Pony
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Steel Ranger's - Buckston Defector Contingent
Family Apache - Brother
Status Alive
Brawn is an earth pony and a Steel Ranger. He is a member of the larger contingent of Steel Rangers in Buckston who are led by War Machine. He appears in Fallout: Equestria - Outlaw.



Brawn along with his brother Apache, grew up within the ranks of the Steel Rangers. He became a knight in the steel rangers, never rising far due to his aggresive attitude and lower intelligence. His two best friends, Rocksteady and Bebop, rose to the rank of Star Paladin and often watched out for him and utilised Brawn's unique brand of cruelty. Brawn's views on the Steel Ranger code were more in line with War Machine, whom he sided with and defected alongside him.

Present Day

Brawn's first encounter with Mach was after Mach had been captured by the Steel Rangers, after performing numerous attacks on them. Brawn beat the captive Mach and then stomped on the wingbones of both of Mach's wings, effectively crippling him as revenge for the deaths of his comrades and one of his est friends. Believing Mach to be on deaths door, Brawn left Mach in his cell.

Brawn was stunned to find mach alive several weeks later, he noticed Mach acting oddly in War machine's base of operations, but didn't immediately recognize him. After tailing Mach, he briefly thought the unarmed pegasus, but was stunned and his armor shutdown by Greaser. He survived the initial bombardment of War Machine's base by the rangers loyalist counterparts, but was still trapped until a scribe could be brought in to help him.



Brawn is an exceptionally large and tall, earth pony stallion. He is heavily muscled and is always seen in his power armor.


Brawn is very simple-minded and not overly intelligent. He makes up for it with his sheer size and musculature and a streak of cruelty. He is loyal to Elder War Machine, and follows his commands and those of his superiors and friends, like Bebop and Rocksteady.

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