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Bright Light
Race Unicon ghoul
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Prophetess of The Goddess
Status Alive ch14

Bright Light is a glowing ghoul unicorn mare and a side character of Fallout: Equestria - The Ditzy Doo Chronicles.



Bright Light is working to help other ghouls find sanctuary in a land far beyond ravaged Equestria where no one is known to live. She plans to use a fallen cloudship as transport for her and the ghouls she has gathered.


Before the war, Bright Light worked for the Ministry of Arcane Sciences in Splendid Valley at the Maripony facility. She was at Maripony in the living quarters when the balefire bombs hit and was thus not in a safe room.  Bright Light mentions that Twilight Sparkle was also present at Maripony that day but is unsure if Twilight died in the attack or survived. Due to the heavy amounts of radiation she emits Bright Light did not search for other survivors out of fear of harming them.



Bright Light's mane, coat, eye color, and cutie mark are unknown due to her constantly glowing.  Unlike majority of ghouls who only glow after absorbing large amounts of radiation, Bright Light has always glowed (and emitted radiation) since she became a ghoul. 


Bright Light can channel absorbed radiation energy into powerful magic spells as seen when she teleports 37 ponies at once.  She also is in contact with "the goddesses" and has precognitive abilities along with a mastery of a teleportation spell similar to the one Twilight Sparkle used. Bright Light says that she is receiving visions from the Goddesses but she is unsure if it is Celestia, Luna, or both.  She believes that she is sent these messages to help other "Children of the Apocalypse" which is what she calls fellow ghouls.  She is first met during Chapter 14th beneath the Necropolis of Trottingham.

It is highly possible that the "Goddesses" she is receiving visions from is The Goddess herself due to Bright Light's proximity and history with Maripony. Bright light also states that the goddess's voice is strongest in Splendid Valley which is where The Goddess is located.