Ripple's Shotgun Broken, held in his telekinesis with some ammo.
~ DAfavicon KibugamiKenzo

Broken is the personal shotgun of Ripple in Fallout: Equestria - Guise of Chaos.


Contrary to its name, the weapon is incredibly durable having yet to display any sign of overuse. The weapon itself is a five shot lever action shotgun of unknown make and origin. It is commented on that Broken was designed specifically for a unicorn, the lever action system being too complex for an earth pony to handle comfortably. Ripple wields Broken using his telekinesis. The weapon is carried in a custom holster.

Broken is a twelve gauge shotgun Ripple found in his possession when he awoke after being shot in the head. He wielded the weapon in his old life, thinking of it as a friend and carries it with him in his new life.

It has been used defensively at times, fending off both gunshots and melee weapons. The shotgun took a direct hit from a powerful rifle, but it was only scratched by the impact and its performance was not reduced.

It is rumoured amongst the story's readers that the weapon might be a Soul Jar.


Ripple's shotgun can be loaded with customized ammunition. Traffic gives Ripple four varieties of ammunition for his shotgun, the day he leaves Blank with Ashred.

The four types of ammo were Buckshot, Slug, Magnum and Incendiary. He was given a fifth type, custom made Explosive Slug rounds, by Traffic before leaving Blank the first time.

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