Bruise Cruise
Race Pegasus Pony
Sex Stallion
Status Alive
Bruise Cruise is a pegasus stallion, encountered by Mach in Buckston.



Bruise Cruise is a wasteland born pegasi and was the leader of a unique mercenary group called The Cult of Speed, an all pegasi organisation of mercenaries. He was hired by Razorbeak to find the location of a wartime weapons development facility owned by a company called Pulsar Advanced Weapons Systems

Present Day

Bruise Cruise found Pulsar's facility and set up a meeting with Razorbeak. Rather than just giving Razorbeak the location though, he tried to scam Razorbeak out of more money. He proposed a race between himself and Mach for the weapon's facility's location. It was an easy victory for Mach and Bruise Cruise surrendered Pulsar's location without fuss.

He was later removed as leader of the Cult of Speed by Redshift, who replaced him as leader and stole his jacket. Bruise Cruise left, seeking out Mach, believing he was responsible for losing his position. Bruise Cruise was captured by Hexhounds who brokered his freedom in return for a holy book, taken by Redshift. Bruise Cruise was nearly killed by the Hexhounds when Mach tried to ask for their assistance in retrieving the book, he was saved at the last minute by Mach when he returned with the book.

Bruise Cruise quickly fled, fearing the Hexhounds might change their minds. He later ended up joining Ardent Vortex and informed him of the location of the Cult of Speed's base and the recovered Raptor Cloudship they possessed. He helped lead an assault on the base in revenge for losing his leadership of the group, and damaged Mach's wing. He tried to kill Mach again, after Greaser was captured by Vortex, using Greaser's Railway rifle, but was defeated and killed by Mach.



Bruise Cruise is a young, green pegasus stallion. He used to wear a leather jacket which was stolen by Redshift.


Bruise Cruise isn't above making extra money by charging more for specific services. He was very cocky and sure of himself when racing Mach, though he was using Dash at the time. He has a strong dislike of enclave, especially Ardent Vortex and his followers who stole a Vertibuck from The Cult of Speed when he was leading them.


Bruise Cruise is an experienced mercenary and a competent leader. He seems to rely on Dash in combat which has likely made him dependent on the substance.

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