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Bucklyn cross by maeni

Bucklyn Cross as seen from the shore. ~ Ponibooru2 12 maeni

Bucklyn Cross is a Steel Rangers fortification built atop the last standing ruins of the Bucklyn Bridge.


The bridge houses a group of Steel Rangers and an old stable that they use as a base. Littlepip tried to organise a trade with the Rangers at Bucklyn Cross for the safe return of the former Manehattan Elder, Cottage Cheese. The exchange didnt go according to plan and a firefight broke out between Littlepip and the Rangers after a Steel Ranger accidentally fires his gun, due to how nervous they are.

Littlepip regretfully ended up slaughtering the Rangers and taking a water talisman from their base to help the settlement of Arbu.

In other stories[]

Murky Number Seven[]

Glimmerlight is a scribe that was born and raised within Bucklyn Cross. She left to explore the wasteland and was later heartbroken and unable to speak with Murky, due to Littlepip's murder of her parents and Rangers that she grew up with.


The Bucklyn Cross by Turbopower1000

The Ditzy Doo Chronicles[]

The stable was mentioned as being occupied roughly eighty years after the megaspell fallout. The Steel Rangers occupied it during their first expansionist phase.

Best Laid Plans[]

In Best Laid Plans, Doc Romeo and his two companions enter a hospital occupied by Steel Rangers who reportedly came from Bucklyn Cross.