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The Appleloosian buffalo tribe, gathered together in a circle
~FIM Favicon extended 16.pngSeason 1, Episode 21: "Over a Barrel"

Buffalo are a tribally-minded species of sentient, four-legged bovine mammals. They are distinguishable by their generally large bulk, brown coats, and a large hump on their back near the shoulders.



Before the Great War, buffalo lived in tribal herds lead by chieftains. Buffalo herds also participated in traditional stampedes as their ancestors did before them.

A tribe of buffalo was encountered during the Ministry Mares' youth, hijacking train cars and threatening open war with the ponies of Appleloosa, a conflict which began when the Appleloosians built an apple orchard on the herd's stampeding grounds without permission. War was looming, but after a short battle, diplomatic solutions were sought and the crisis was averted on the condition that the buffalo get a path cut through the orchard to stampede through and a share of the produce.

During the War

During the Great War and prior to Princess Celestia's abdication from the Equestrian throne and the establishment of the Ministries, she would send the Ministry Mares off as emissaries to both the buffalo and griffins, in hopes that they would join the war on the side of Equestria, or at the very least avoid an alliance with the zebra empire. It is unknown what the buffalo chose to ultimately do, though it appears that they played no major role in the war.

After the War

No buffalo have been seen since the end of the Great War, and it is unknown precisely what happened to the buffalo after the Last Day had passed; all that is known is that they somehow survived. Whether any Stables were built to house buffalo has not been stated.

Modern Day

No buffalo were sighted in the Equestrian Wasteland throughout the events of the Wasteland Conflict, but they are apparently present; Gawdyna Grimfeathers planned to send emissaries out to buffalo tribes after assuming control of Red Eye's operations in Fillydelphia.



Buffalo are a bovine species of mammals, with four short legs and a large body. Their skin is typically in shades of brown, and they have a very large hump on their back where near their front legs.


Not much is known about Buffalo culture, besides the fact that they were tribal and participated in annual stampedes. They got on well with the ponies of Appleloosa, once a peace treaty was negotiated by the buffalo chieftain, Thunderhooves.

Notable Buffalo


Chief Thunderhooves - Leader of the Appleloosa tribe, notably long winded in his speeches.

Little Strongheart - Influencial young buffalo in the Appleloosa Herd. Possibly replaced her father as chief.

In Other Stories

Murky Number Seven

Breaks Many Foes - Bonecrusher was a massive and muscular buffalo raider, and a member of Brimstone Bltiz's, Bloodletter Clan of Raiders.