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Butcher Statuette
Butcher Statuette with Little Gilda
~ DAfavicon Burnout42
Race Griffin
Sex Female
Faction/Role Blackwing's Talons

Gawd's Talons
Heavy Weapons Expert

Status Alive

Butcher is a griffin talon and heavy weapon specialist, first encountered by Littlepip when she went to rescue Blackwing's Talons.


Butcher was first met at Horseshoe tower where she and the rest of Blackwing's Talons had become trapped. Steelhooves commented on her unique heavy weapon, a dismounted anti-air cannon named Little Gilda. Butcher had run low on ammo for her gun which was part of the reason the talons could not just kill the alicorns trapping them in the building.

He helped Carry Littlepip and her friends to Tenpony Tower when they made their escape from Horshoe tower. She stuck with her group to devise a way to payback Littlepip for rescuing her and the other talons. Butcher tried to give Littlepip, Little Gilda, but Littlepip refused stating that Butcher would probably need it and that Littlepip and her group had enough firepower already.

Butcher and the rest of Blackwing's talons joined Gawd at Shattered Hoof where it is presumed they worked for Gawd on other jobs. Butcher and the rest of Blackwing's group were sent to assist Littlepip with the rescue of Stable 2. The battle was fierce, but Littlepip and her allies prevailed.

Butcher and the other Blackwing's Talons were assisting Gawd during Littlepip's assault at Neighvarro, clearing the sky above Tenpony Tower so they could power up Celestia One. Butcher was killed in the battle along with the rest of Blackwing's talon's excluding Blackwing herself. Little Gilda was recovered whilst falling by Regina Grimfeathers who used it to assist her mother against Enclave pegasi.


  • Little Gilda - Butcher's signature weapon, a powerful tri-barrelled, anti-air cannon.
  • Power Armour - Butcher wears Griffin Power armour that lacks leg, wing and talon covering, giving her more freedom in flight and movement.


Butcher and Little Gilda are based off of Brick and Eugene from Fallout 3.