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Calamity's father
Race Pegasus
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Enclave

Drill Sergeant

Family Calamity - Son

Windsheer - Son
Pride - Son
Autumn Leaf - Son

“A HAMMER? Yer cutie mark is a fuckin’ HAMMER? That had BETTER be to HAMMER down yer enemies, boy! Or yer the SORRIEST EXCUSE fer a SON that Ah EVER did see!”
– -Calamity's Father after Calamity got his Cutie Mark
Chapter 39

Calamity's father is an unnamed minor character in Fallout: Equestria.


Calamity's father's name is never given in the story, but he is revealed to be a drill sergeant at Neighvarro, the Enclave's primary military base. Following the death of his wife, he became bitter and distant from his children, especially Calamity his youngest son.

In Chapter 39, Calamity regaled how he got his original Cutie Mark to Littlepip and Ditzy Doo. Calamity wanted to make his father acknowledge him and sought to try for the Young Sharpshooters Competition, coming in third place in his first tryout. The older stallion was "so disappointed" according to Calamity when he heard the news, arguing that Calamitys' best was pathetic and upon hearing that the rifle he gave Calamity was no good, he yelled at Calamity that he should have "fixed it better then". The following year, Calamity came in first place which made his father smile for the first time in years: proud of his son. “When Ah got home an’ took off muh competitors bardin’, there they were.  A hammer an’ a screwdriver.  Best day o’ muh life.”

In Chapter 44, he encounters Calamity and catches him stealing spark batteries from the Enclave and becomes enraged by his son's treason. Calamity calls his bluff and (after much shouting) is allowed to escape, his father realizing that he cannot strike down his own child. Before Calamity left, he simply said that Calamity had his mothers' mane and that he really liked that.

It is unknown what happened to the Neighvarro Drill Sergeant after the events of Operation Cauterize. Except that during the epilogue, set a decade after the events, Calamity said he would be going to Arbu (which was converted into a prison by the New Canterlot Republic) to visit "an old friend who looks a lot like me", meaning him or either of his last-surviving sons Windsheer or Pride is imprisoned now.

Behind the Scenes

Calamity's father's character and profession are a reference to Sergeant Dornan, the Navarro drill sergeant from Fallout 2.