Calculare is an alicorn, encountered by Snakebite and his friends, during Lord Zeal's attack on Red Light. Calculare is massive, towering over regular ponies and alicorns at two stories tall. She dresses herself in a massive black robe and wears a gem studded tiara.


Calculare first introduces herself to Snakebite when she arrives in Red Light, along with Lord Zeal's army. Her arrival causes Snakebite great pain as she reveals herself to be a two story towering behemoth of an alicorn. Calculare engages Snakebite/Curatie in a conversation, greeting him as a sister and is revealed to have the same golden eyes as Snakebite.

Calculare was attacked by Red Light's defenders, whom she effortlessly defends herself against, their attack being viewed as more of an annoyance than a threat. She unleashes a murder of ravens like Snakebite's except they actually strip the flesh from one of the guardspony's, which she implies she actually ate.

She has come for Snakebite, to take here back to Neighrra Madre, which she claims is their home. Snakebite deduces from his conversation with Calculare that she is the retired Undertaker whose duster he now wears and that Calculare has become a very different pony due to her twenty years with the Unity Alicorns.

Calculare is dismissive of regular ponies and creatures, viewing them as beneath her. She thinks Runs Wild is Snakebite's pet, and gives a dismissive shrug when Snakebite states she is a friend. Calculare leaves Red Light infuriated and annoyed with Snakebite for refusing to accompany her, making a dramatic exit. She also destroyed the south gate, creating a weakspot in Red Light's defenses.



Calculare is a two story tall, lavender alicorn. She has a mane of purple and pink flames and wears a gem studded tiara and a massive, flowing black robe over her body.


Calculare is shown to be a vastly more powerful Alicorn than Snakebite. Her imposing size and strength as well as her powerful magic, make her especially dangerous. She can also fly with ease, despite her massive size.


  • Alicorn Shield Spell - Extremely powerful version of the shield spell
  • Murder of Ravens - Similar to Snakebite's, except the ravens can actually harm Ponies. Calculare implies she actually ate the meat, the ravens striped from a pony she killed for annoying and interrupting her.
  • Teleportation - She can teleport with ease.
  • Explosive Magic - She used this to blow apart the south gate in her anger.


Calculare's size difference is similar to an alicorn, encountered by Littlepip in Fillydelphia, which took several balefire eggs to kill.

Another massive alicorn, with a similar attitude has been shown in recording's in the story New Beginnings by Aurora Borealis.

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