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The streets of Canterlot, enveloped in Pink Cloud.

Canterlot, situated on a steep mountainside in the northeastern Equestrian Wastelands, was a pre-war metropolis and the capital of the pony nation of Equestria. As the center of government in Equestria, it was home to Princesses Celestia and Luna, as well as the headquarters of the six ministries that comprised pre-war Equestrian parliament. The majority of its population consisted of unicorns. It is now an irradiated ruin, having been the target of a pink cloud megaspell detonation.



  • Was the center of Equestrian culture.
  • Home to the nobility, including Celestia and Luna.

During the War

  • Had a population of around 750,000 ponies.
  • Served as the residence of Princess Luna.
  • Canterlot was destroyed at the end of the Great War.
  • More specifically, Canterlot was attacked by the zebras on the Last Day.
    • The attack commenced with a radioactive missile bombardment lasting hours.
    • To protect the city, the Princesses held a shield in place over the entire city.
    • A zebra infiltrator activated the Pink Cloud inside the shield.
    • The shield held the poison inside until it killed everypony that didn't hide in Stable 1 (though it eventually killed them as well).
    • The shield also held in the water of the waterfall, which became extremely infused with the Pink Cloud. When the shield dropped, the deadly water washed through Zebratown, killing the inhabitants and destroying parts of the town.
  • The preparations for the Grand Galloping Gala had been finished at the time of Canterlot's destruction, suggesting it was to happen soon afterward.
    • Pinkie Pie had finally been given over the responsibility of running the Gala for the first time.


  • The remains of Canterlot are now known as the Canterlot Ruins.
  • The Pink Cloud which destroyed the city still permeates the city.
  • Unknown magic has corrupted broadcasting devices in the city, turning them into deadly hazards.
  • The city is inhabited by Canterlot Ghouls.
    • While some of these ghouls are normal (sane), many are not.
    • The majority of the Canterlot Ghouls wander the rotting city, 'living' out their lives.
    • They viciously attack attack any living creature on sight.
  • The city is destroyed by the Enclave during Operation: Cauterize.


Just above Zebratown.

Notable Ponies

  • Luna - died in the palace.
  • Rarity - died in the Ministry of Peace branch.
  • Gestalt - worked in the Ministry of Arcane Studies branch.
  • Mosaic - worked in the Ministry of Arcane Studies branch.
  • Star Sparkle - became a ghoul, outside Stable 1, now lives at the edge of Stable City.
  • Lyra - may have died in the city center.

Behind the Scenes

  • The physical hazards of Canterlot (hostile ghouls, deadly radios, and atmospheric toxins), as well as several events that take place there (most notably the firework-triggered spell), are likely a nod to the Sierra Madre Casino from the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.