Canyon City is a location in the audio drama series Confessions of a Wasteland Pony.

It is one of the main settings of the eighth episode, The Red Reaper.

History & The Great Arrows

Canyon City was a mid-sized trading town before the Great War. As a Southwestern settlement, it connected many train tracks and a river which ran through the area. This location also fostered the growth of several manufacturing industries which would process raw materials like ores mined in the area and shipped out finished products to the major cities.

After the Great War, the city basically continued on in this way, although most of its buildings had been destroyed.

The trade routes continued to be used by the new post-war caravans and new settlers eventually re-established many of the industries. Corduroy and his sister Jeanie descended from one of those families which specialized in textiles.

The relative peace of the city would soon be violently shaken though when the Great Arrows invaded. Many were killed and many more were captured and turned into Great Arrows themselves. This enslavement traumatized many of the survivors in the town, who were forced to see their family members completely stripped of their minds and individuality.

Governess Tombstone was brought in and occupied the City Hall building, which was converted into a fortress for the Great Arrows. Once the new normal of the town was established, trade caravans started coming back and many Great Arrows passed through on their way south. There were rumors about this "Thunder Valley" place they were supposedly being sent to, but aside from the distant and seemingly endless nature of the war, little was known to the townsfolk.

Things would go on like this for roughly 20 years, until the war in Thunder Valley came to an abrupt end. Citizens of Canyon City were unsure of what would come. Initially the only difference seemed to be less Great Arrow soldiers passing through. A few months down the road though, the town would be woken in the middle of the night to the sound of the City Hall building being violently blown to pieces by balls of green electricity.

The building was ultimately leveled, killing over 100 Great Arrows. Nothing was known of what happened to the building, but order would be restored within a few weeks with a new Governess taking Tombstone's place.

It would be many years before the name "Red Reaper" reached their ears, and small pieces began to fall into place.

Behind The Scenes

  • Canyon City is a reference to the Fallout Tactics location of Canyon City, which is a fictionalized version of Cañon City, Colorado.
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