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Race Earth Pony
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Leader of Flank
Family Keeper - Father

Usury - Sister
Bottlecap - Sister

Status Dead

Caprice is a Earth Pony mare and the leader of Flank.



Blackjack first met Caprice inside Flank's stable turned bar, Stable 69. She believed the mare to be nothing more than an average bartender and conversed with her casually on occasion, like after returning from a Hydra chem production lab and rescuing the addicts inside. Caprice offered Blackjack various drinks and tried to get Blackjack to take a drink before she left to fight Deus and the Zodiacs during their assault on Flank.

After the battle, Caprice continued to allow Blackjack to be ignorant of her true identity, letting Blackjack and her friends continue to improve Flank's defences, whilst she tried to think of a way to stop Blackjack from taking over her town. Blackjack was merely trying to improve Flank by making it safer.

Blackjack eventually figures out that Caprice had been trying to trick her into Flank's Stable before and during Deus' assault, and drug her up to give her to either the Zodiacs or Deus to save Flank from their assault and possibly receive the bounty on Blackjack. Blackjack, furious with the mare, contemplates killing the cowering Caprice, but instead she delivers her the mail from Caprice's sister, Bottlecap in disgust and leaves.

Later on, Caprice would gather up Deus's remains and begin selling them. Morning Glory confiscated Deus's broken steel chassis and brought it to Dr. Zodiac for Blackjack's cyberpony conversion. Caprice and Flank would later come under a brief assault from Sanguine and later when Blackjack arrived after the battle, stopped one of her security guards from attacking Blackjack.

Caprice later lost leadership of Flank to one of her subordinates, Flank now becoming a hub solely focused on selling drugs and sexual services. Caprice was forced to leave Flank and ended up in Chapel, where she is employed by Charity, working as a shop assistant. She was killed defending Chapel against the Harbingers led by Dawn.



Caprice is a peach coated, earth pony mare with a mane and tail in various shades of light purple and light purple eyes.


Caprice enjoys being in charge of Flank and will defend her position of power, however she can. She can be very manipulative but she does have a sense of decency and was shamed and guilted by Morning Glory into giving up Deus's remains.


Caprice is a capable leader and can be a manipulative mare. She is able to adopt and enforce change, such as the superior training and defences that Blackjack had installed in Flank. She managed a capable defence of Flank when it was assaulted by Sanguine and Vermilion.