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Capricorn and Pisces
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Capricorn and Pisces are sisters and members of the Zodiac Clan. They appear in Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons.


At some point Capricorn and Pisces were searching for food in the Everfree Forest and came across Killing Joke. Because they were joking about Seaponies at that time, the plant decided to turn them into Seaponies, miles from any water source.

They managed to make their way to a creek full of Radigators which they managed to avoid. They followed the waterways until it took them to Hoofington. They were fished out of a resevoir by the Society's nets and kept as an exhibit in a menagerie (zoo). They would be traumatized during their time with the Society, developing a hatred for the Society ponies, especially King Awesome. They also developed a mental problem regarding tapping the glass as the society ponies would frequently tap their glass container to get them to move about.

They were spotted by Sagittarius, who informed Dr. Zodiac. The two sisters were rescued by Dr. Zodiac who paid for their release. They have been working for the Zodiacs ever since, collecting underwater salvage or hunting down bounties near water.

Capricorn and Pisces were later captured by the Steel Rangers, Pisces got captured trying to rescue Capricorn. Steel Rain had them thrown in the Celestia's brig without a source of water to keep their flesh moistened. Blackjack found them dried out and rescued them alongside the Seahorse's crew. The sisters would later save Blackjack from drowning after she sunk the Celestia.


  • Both is immune to further mutation via Taint and Radiation.
  • They can swim and survive underwater.
  • Both are skilled bounty hunters, catching targets near water's edge.
  • They were strong enough to pull Blackjack up to the surface of the water.


  • They have been shown singing the Seapony song on occasion. In particular, a sad scene where Blackjack discovers Pisces and her sister dried out and prisoners onboard the Celestia.
  • Capricorn prefers to be called Capri.