The Carnival was a Ministry of Morale hub located in Redtrotters Ridges near the Big 52 north branch. The hub was a minor located consisting of a large, pink barn. It was surrounded by fencing running along the surrounding mountain ridges, with automated laser turrets placed at regular intervals.



The hub was presumably a place where the M.o.M. would host parties inside of the barn, hosted by a Recreational Pinkbot MK II prototype 03, a robot built in the likeness of Pinkie Pie. The interior of the barn consisted of a single large hall with two open lofts. PiƱatas would be hung from the ceilings with colorful lights, balloons, and other decorations along the walls. The barn was equipped with speaks for playing party music very loudly. A long table would be prepared for parties in the middle of the barn. In case of emergency, the interior of the barn was also equipped with magical energy turrets.

Modern Day

Puppysmiles arrived at the Carnival believing that it was the location of her mother. There, she found the Pinkbot throwing a party apparently in honor of her own birthday. The party included several guests, including a bag of flour, a pile of rocks, a bucket of some unidentified material, a chunk of dust, half a dozen child skeletons, a ghoul child, and a starving unicorn filly named Ridge Racer from the Redtrotters tribe.

Upset that her mother wasn't at the Carnival and that the Pinkbot was forcing her and the other children to stay at the party, she helped Ridge Racer escape, threw a tantrum, and destroyed both the Pinkbot and the barn.

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