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Carrion is a griffin ghoul, who works as an independent talon. He is first encountered by Blackjack in Meatlocker, working for Ahuitzotl


During the War

He had a small family who travelled with him, wherever he worked. Carrion served whomever held his contract during the great war. He was unable to get into a Stable when the apocalypse occured but managed to survive, initially unscathed. He was forced to leave his family behind by one of his contract holders.

After the War

Carrion whilst travelling into a heavily radioactive area, became a ghoul alongside his current employer. He has been sold or passed on to various other employers, before finally ending up with Ahuitzotl, another ghoul. They arrived in Meatlocker where Carrion acted as a bouncer.

Present Day

Carrion has been in Meatlocker for several years as Ahuitzotl's 'employee'. He was sent into Hightower Prison, alongside Blackjack and her group, when they planned to break into the pre-war prison. Carrion fought effectively alongside the rest of the group, the high radiation levels healed Carrion quickly, whenever he was badly hurt. Carrion later explained how his employment with Ahuitzotl worked to Blackjack and was allowed to search through the prison cell of a pre-war gangster called the Kingpin.

Carrion later returned to Meatlocker, where Blackjack acquired his contract from Ahuitzotl, after she ousted him as a traitor to the other ghouls, with the assistance of her friends. Carrion now free of his contract, promptly executes his former employer. His contract is given to Snails, Silver Spoon and Xanthe who are going to travel together, Carrion acting as a bodyguard and someone who can teach them to survive out in the wasteland.



Carrion looks like a rotten and withered griffin.


Carrion will defend his contract holder with his life and will obey all their commands, even if he finds them morally repugnant. He is also sworn to an oath of confidentially whilst employed, refusing to divulge personal information.

Abilities and Skills

Carrion is skilled with using magical energy rifles. He can also absorb radiation and use it to regenerate from injuries he might sustain.


  • Carrion is a reference to Charon, a ghoul from Fallout 3, loyal to his contract holder.
  • Carrion is a word used to refer to dead and decaying flesh