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A cazadorable is a type of mutated insect found in the Equestrian Wasteland. They are highly dangerous predators.

Bullet Holes and Slug encounter one of these creatures during their everyday life. They begin firing on it and presumably kill it or drive it off.


Cazadorables are a hybrid species of mutated monarch butterflies and wasps. They live in hives, but will send out scouts to hunt or find prey so they can attack in swarms.

A cazadorable has two sets of wings; their wings are large and filmy like a butterfly's wings and have intricate patterns on them. They have large bulbous insect eyes and a pair of antennae on their heads. They also have a pair of mandibles for eating and biting.

A cazadorable also attacks using a stinger and has six legs, which it probably uses for crawling about or building nests. A cazadorable is especially dangerous as it generates some sort of hypnotic attack that it uses to paralyze prey, then using its stinger to stab its hypnotized prey to death. A person fighting a cazadorable is forced to keep their eyes closed, or avoid looking at it directly. They are best fought at a distance, out of range of their hypnotic abilities.

Cazadorable fight

Bullet Holes and Slug fight off a Cazadorable.
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Behind the Scenes

  • Clearly based in both name and appearance on Cazadores from Fallout: New Vegas. Incidentally, Cazadores also appear in other FoE side-fics.
  • They are similar to Paradores from Pink Eyes.
  • The fact you have to fight them with your eyes closed or averted is similar to fighting a Gorgon in mythology or a cockatrice.
  • Possesses the hypnotic abilities of the monarch butterflies shown in May the Best Pet Win.
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