Celestia's Grace

Celestia's Grace & Mach Statuette
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Celestia's Grace is a unique, prototype, magical energy pistol. The weapon was developed by an obscure pre-war company that had a research and development facility in Buckston. It is owned by Mach after he recovers it,


Celestia's Grace was a successful prototype, magical pulse pistol, developed by Pulsar Advanced Weapons Systems. The gun was created in Buckston where it lay unused and preserved in a case for over 200 years. When Mach and Razorbeak first arrived at Pulsar's Research and Development facility, their were notes, detailing the construction and inner workings of Pulsar weapon technology, mentioning Celestia's Grace.

After fighting through a group of active combat drones, Mach and Razorbeak find the gun. Mach takes it as his new sidearm which he has been desperate to replace since he lost his enclave magical energy pistol a.k.a service pistol. Greaser uses the energy pistol to wipe out a cult of ponies, planning on sacrificing her and Mach. The pistol was temporarily lost when Mach was attacked by the Wraithwing.


The body of Celestia's Grace has a simple yet elegant boxy design, it has a double-barreled, weapon barrell in an over-under configuration and is about the length of Mach's foreleg. The grip of the pistol is gunmetal grey, whilst the body of the weapon is pearlescent white with gold filligree on every contour. A large orange sun is painted just an inch from the weapons barrel and the weapons name is painted on it, in purple cursive font.

Notes & Trivia

  • Mach has the Perk: Pulse Power which lets him do more damage with Pulse weaponry, including Celestia's Grace
  • It is ironic that Mach has Celestia's Grace, given he is a non-believer in the Goddesses.
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