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Race Robot - Mister Gutsy
Sex Masculine, military persona
Faction/Role Meatlocker
Status Active

Cerberus is a robotic guardian that resides within the settlement of Meatlocker. He was reprogrammed by the ghoul population to act as a watchdog, patrolling the settlement and looking for danger. He appears in Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons.


During the War

Cerberus is a war-era Mister Gutsy robot built during the war. He was programmed with anti-zebra propaganda and speaks like a stereotypical soldier. 

After the War

He was reprogrammed by the ghoul citizens of Meatlocker to act as a security robot. He patrolled the corridors of the settlement, ever watchful for signs of trouble. He was later sent to accompany Blackjack into Hightower Prison, where he proved to be a valuable asset. His plasma weapons proved to be particularly effective at neutralizing the slime ponies, created by the Smooze. Cerberus was notably damaged on the higher levels of Hightower Prison and was repaired by Xanthe, much to the robot's disapproval due to its programmed dislike of zebra.

Cerberus was sent back to Meatlocker to warn the residents of a potential megaspell detonation. The robot made it back to the settlement and is presumably still under repair.



Cerberus has a very militaristic personality and finds great joy in combat. He is also programmed with a hatred of zebra during the war and disliked being repaired by Xanthe. He can be encouraged to remain positive even when retreating by treating him like a soldier with promises of future battles.


Cerberus has a built in sawblade arm and a plasma rifle. This makes him especially deadly in close or ranged combat.