~ DAfavicon Starryoak
Title Capmonger
Race Unicorn
Sex Filly
Faction/Role Crusaders
Family Unknown
Status Alive

Charity is a unicorn filly that lives in Chapel, in Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons. She is a Crusader , and is primarily responsible for running the Crusader store A.K.A. Charity's; Where We Ain't! located in Chapel. She is a cunning businesspony and manages to find a way to nickel and dime some of her customers for the greatest profit. Living up to her name, however, she has been known to make exceptions for those that have genuine need. She is much less naive than the other Crusaders, and is usually able to accurately size up a situation at a glance. She also knows better than to let on to everything she knows, which could either cost her competitive edge or the innocent ignorance of her contemporaries. Charity's power to suck the caps out of everypony that enters her shop has Blackjack calling "Capmonger" and the "Soon Richest Pony in the Hoof/Wasteland." Blackjack also believes that Charity will one day run the Wasteland alongside Bottlecap. (Trade will save the Wasteland.)

She has been observed doing business with Ditzy Doo .

Blackjack sugessted to Spike that Charity might embody the Element of Generosity; one of two elements not found by Littlepip in Fallout: Equestria

She is known to have close connections with Bottlecap at Megamart and may actually be one of her many siblings, however Finders Keepers has yet to acknowledge any of his children other than Bottlecap, Caprice and Ursury.

She first appears in chapter 19 of project horizons, later showing up in chapter 9 of Homelands.

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