Cinder Trails
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Title Cinder
Race Unicorn
Sex Female
Faction/Role Paragons
Status Alive

Cinder Trails is an exceptionally powerful unicorn and a member of the Paragons in Fallout: Equestria - Guise of Chaos.



Cinder grew up in Stable 87 alongside Ripple and the rest of the Paragons. She left Stable 87 under Hate's leadership and helped established the city of Neighwhere. Cinder Trails would go on to garner a reputation as one of the fiercest fighters in the wasteland alongside the other Paragons.

Cinder Trails became involved in a relationship with Ripple, becoming his marefriend. He broke up with her before Hate tried to kill him with a bullet to the head.

Present Day

Cinder Trails was sent by Hate to kill Ripple. She uses her magic to conjure up a dragon, comprised of blue flames. She fights Ripple and talks with him as he tries to formulate a plan of escape. Cinder Trails came close to killing him, her flames making it impossible to attack her with conventional means. Ripple and Ashred escape underground and into the sewers.

Cinder ambushes Ripple on his way back to Blank from the Whitecoat outpost. She forces him to disarm and kiss her while Ripple manages to keep her talking long enough for rain to start falling. Cinder and Ripple fight, Cinder displaying a deflection spell or technique that she has developed in the time between their last fight.

Cinder is almost killed by Ripple and nearly raped by Ripple's alter-ego, the raider Two Kick. Fortunately for her, she had backup in the form of Skyline who shot Ripple and carried her off, leaving Ripple for dead. She encounters Ripple again in Neighwhere, where she watches him fight in the arena. She participates in the battle of Neighwhere against the invading Steel Rangers and encounters Ripple again. The Two Kick personality speaks with Cinder and encourages her to take over Neighwhere. The pyromaniac mare agrees and sets off to eliminate the invading Steel Rangers.



Cinder is shown as being crazy or close to crazy, with her happy speech patterns and sudden switch to sad ones whenever she reflected on her relationship with Ripple.


Cinder Trails has exceptional skills with using her magic to manipulate flames. She is able to create a dragon comprised of blue flames which could breath flames, easily capable of melting through thick metal doors. Her fire spells are noticeably weaker when it rains.

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